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Occurred: 7/7/2000 21:21 (Entered as: 07/07/2000 21:21)

Reported: 7/7/2000 03:33

Posted: 3/21/2003

Location: Red Rock Canyon, NV

Shape: Oval

Duration: 23 Minutes

((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. Missile was launched to the west. PD))


Silent craft within 3 miles comes to within 1/2 mile, very close to ground; observed for 23 minutes.


07/07/2000. My wife & I were just up at Red Rock, Nevada and saw a UFO. We were at the area where we have gone for years (and never seen anything but stars) and we saw a satellite. I said if we check the time, we can see it again tomorrow night. So I turned on the car key to see the clock. It read 9:21. When I turned off the key, I looked out the front window of the car. I said, "What the hell is that?" and my wife said, "What?" I continued looking at it and said, "That!" She looked up and saw what I was looking at and grasp [sic-grasped] my hand. We just stared in disbelief. There was a bright slice of light. It was in a perfect triangle. The source of the light or light bulb-like thing was about 10 feet around. No light traveled up or to the sides. Just straight down and it had a sharp crispness to it. It was sweeping the ground traveling from southwest to northeast. The light was about 1/4 mile in the sky, just over the tips of the mountain closest to us. It was about three miles in front of us, coming toward us. The light swept the ground in about [a] 1/2 mile swath. The light was sharp. That is, it didn't travel past the sharp edge of the triangle shape pointing toward the ground. There was a greenish-blue glow to the east of it about 60 feet from what appeared to be a craft. The glow appeared like phosphorus in the sky. All we could see of the craft was a blackness. Kind of saucer shape and kind of oval. It appeared to be thick It looked as though from the bottom of the craft to the bottom edge of the light that it would be about 6 feet. The light was like it was out over the front edge of the craft, pointing down. The blackness behind and under the light looked to be about 50 feet around and kind of like a saucer but a deep saucer dropping below the craft like a belly. The light, like I said, was a perfect triangle as it swept the ground. No light was behind the light and no light in front of the light. In other words, it was not like a spotlight that has an oval shape on the ground. The light was extremely bright and we could see the ground where it was pointing as if noonday sun. But absolutely white. No yellowish tint. The devise [sic-device] / saucer seemed to be creating some kind of fog, but it just kind of radiated from the craft. It didn't blast away from the craft, and the light left no trail in the fog it was creating. The valley behind it was glowing a bright white and we could clearly make out the shape of the mountain. The light behind the mountain appeared to be from another source and shown [sic-shone] like sun rays out of the valley. What sun rays. The light continued toward us very slowly with absolutely no sound. It got to within a half of a mile of us and then in the blink of the eye, the craft and light were gone. But the fog stayed. The fog didn't sweep up with the leaving of the craft. It just hung there. The glow in the mountains continued for 10 minutes after the source was gone. The phosphorus greenish-blue stayed for 23 minutes. After the craft left, the ground where it had been appeared to show brighter. I mean it was like the sun came out for a while. We could see the field in front of us and the side of the mountain that was behind it. This light faded as the greenish-blue glow faded until it was gone. About 10 minutes after the craft left, a helicopter flew over. The racket that [it] made, made us realize how quiet the saucer was. No noise at all. About 5 minutes after the craft left, all of Red Rock Canyon filled with fog. The temperature out there was [in the-deleted] 96. We sat there for another 1/2 hour, after all signs of it had left and the fog remained. We pulled out of out [sic-our] spot and drove over to the fog and it was completely gone. It took us less than 5 minutes to get to where the fog had been.


Reference for the above text is: Website: NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center)


Thanks to Peter Davenport, director.


North America – Nevada

Red Rock Canyon   Note: There are 9 listings for Red Rock Canyon. Without knowing in which county the witnesses were, it is impossible to get the coordinates.

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399




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