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Night in Hawaiian Seas Made Brilliant for Passengers on America Maru.


     One of the most remarkable heavenly phenomena ever witnessed at sea was related by officers and passengers on the America Maru, which arrived yesterday [17th] from the Far East.

     While the passengers were promenading the decks last Friday [11th] evening, a large meteor shot up out of the ocean, made a complete circle of the sky, and sank again into the sea. The vessel was then two days out of Honolulu.

     The meteor appeared the size of a ten-inch cannon ball and it dragged a gorgeous appendage many miles in length. The first one-third of this tail was as round as a rod and glowing red. The remaining portion gradually expanded in graceful portions.

     About thirty minutes after the appearance of the meteor, the night watchman called the passengers and officers to witness a large lunar rainbow. A short time later another meteor rose from the sea to a height of twenty degrees and sank again. It was smaller than the first, but its tail seemed to break away and precede the head into the watery depths.

     Thirty minutes later there appeared on the horizon another lunar rainbow. This everybody declared to be the mose [sic-most] beautiful rainbow ever seen.


Reference for the above text is: San Francisco Examiner, dated August 18, 1911. With thanks to Roderick Dyke and Ole Jonny Brænne of the Magonia Group for forwarding this case to me (CF).



 Pacific Ocean – Position unknown       

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