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06-24-1973                           Professional Translation       

CISU Case: 216

Location: Ventotene (LT)

Category: C (Objects that surface out the water)

Evaluation: Insufficient information

Original Source: “lettera del testimone alla S.U.F. del 24/06/1973; Scheda S.U.F. n. 268.     

Sighting Description: Un testimone a terra ed un pescatore videro una luce bianca di dimensioni più piccole di una luce di un aereo che volava all’orizzonte. Dopo circa dieci minuti, una luce di uguale dimensione, fu vista alzarsi dal mare e dirigersi verso un’altra luce che dallo zenit gli andava incontro. Giunte vicine le due luci si fermarono per circa un’ora ad un’altezza angolare di 60° sull’orizzonte.

Sighting Description: A witness on land and a fisherman saw a white light smaller than the light of an airplane flying on the horizon. About ten minutes later, a light of equal dimensions was seen lifting up from the sea and going towards another light which from the zenith was going towards it. Once next to each other, then two lights stopped for about one hour at an angled altitude of 60 degrees on the horizon.                                                                                                           

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini. http://www.cisu.org/          

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Europe – Italy, Latina. Body of water is the Tyrrhenian Sea

Ventotene Latitude 40-48 N, Longitude 13-26 E (D-M) [On the Island of Ventotene]

This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board On Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.  


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