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Man Observes UFO Landing


     David Swanner, of Giles County, Tenn., told Stanley Ingram of the "Pulaski Citizen" that he was in a deer stand Sept. 30 in the Shores Community around 2:15 to 3:00 p.m. Perched in a tree, Swanner said he saw a ball up in the air which came across a nearby soybean field, passed in front of him, and sat down in an old road bed. At first it hovered approximately one foot from the ground, and three legs unfolded from under the body forming a tripod.

      Swanner said the vehicle set two of the legs down on the ground in the outside wheel track of the old farm road, and a third extended over the other wheel track line into a field some 18 inches. The object was perfectly round like a ball and glowed from within with a white florescent glow. As he looked, he could see no seams, portholes or any opening whatever, then to his amazement there suddenly appeared in the body of the craft a door which seemed to come from nowhere. The door was approximately 3 ft. wide by 4 ft. high. It lowered, hinged at the bottom, to the ground forming a ramp. He heard BEEPS which he explained were unlike any BEEP sounds he had ever heard before. He described this sound as "more like a high-pitched crow call."

     Swanner said he had a cold and, without thinking, he sniffed his nose. With this, the door snapped shut, the tripod disappeared into the body of the UFO, and it shot away at incredible speed.

     After the craft left, Swanner observed a fog of whitish vapor where it had rested. He crawled down from his perch and went to the landing site. Breathing his [sic-this] fog, he had a smothering sensation and felt as if his lungs were being pumped full of air to the bursting point. He ran from out of the fog and the fresh air made the feeling disappear.

     Upon investigating the spot, Swanner found mashed down grass where the landing tripod rested and measured these spots to be about 8 inches long. He figured the craft must have been as much as 10 feet in diameter.


Credit: Charles Frederick.


Reference for the above text is:Skylook (early MUFON UFO Journal), #074, January 1974, pp. 3-4.



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North America – United States, Tennessee, Giles

Giles County   Latitude 35-14-00 N, Longitude 087-02-00 W [civil]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399



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