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The Bottle Hollow UFO and Choppers


     Recently Junior Hicks encountered an event that happened only a few months ago, just before Thanksgiving 2009. If this story can be accepted, and that must always be questioned when there is a single witness of a truly far-out and spectacular event, it should certainly answer the question of whether there is still UFO activity in the Basin and of whether the government knows anything about UFOs!

     Junior was doing some electrical work for Ron Cuch, who lives on the road to Randlett, about a mile and a half south of the turnoff to the Skinwalker Ranch. Cuch supervises the Ute Tribe Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center at Fort Duchesne. The center is located east of and close to the Bottle Hollow Reservoir (which is about one square mile in surface area). Junior is still known as the Uintah Basin ufologist, so Cuch volunteered his account while Junior was working for him. Cuch gave us permission to use his name and publish his account, as recorded by Junior Hicks on December 3, 2009.

     Ron mentioned that he was doing a night shift at the center on the night of November 23rd or 24th. As Ron was doing his rounds outside of the building about 5:00 AM, he heard a loud noise coming from the east. He looked up and saw a UFO coming toward him at a low altitude. It was a double convex shape, which looked about the size of a full moon, coming directly overhead. It had lights pulsating red, green, and orange around the rim or middle. The object was moving quite fast, to the west. Right behind the UFO were three military Black Hawk helicopters. Behind the three choppers came two black, delta-shaped, jet fighters.

     The UFO dived into Bottle Hollow Lake. The three choppers then started to circle the lake; the jets swooped low over the lake, and continued to the west. The choppers circled the lake for a short time and then also left the area to the west. The UFO then shot straight up out of the water and disappeared in the sky.

     That certainly seems to implicate the government in the UFO business! But there is also a tiny possibility, Junior tells me—based on talks with a Black Hawk pilot—that the UFO itself was a government vehicle! See how confusing ufology can be?


Reference for the above text is: The Utah UFO Display: A Scientist Brings Reason and Logic to Over 400 UFO Sightings in Utah’s Uintah Basin by Frank B. Salisbury, p. 149, © 2010.



"... must always be questioned when there is a single witness of a truly far-out and spectacular case . . ."


     Perhaps you should note that there are now some questions about the account in my mind. Junior Hicks, Jacques Vallee, and I talked with Ron one afternoon about a year ago...

I remember two things about this case that made me wonder a bit. First, I got the impression from what Ron was saying that the helicopters were not directly behind the UFO but came a few minutes later. Second, we went to the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center at Fort Duchesne. We noticed that while it was not far from Bottle Hollow Reservoir, there was a rise in the topography such that the actual surface of the lake was not visible from the Center. Thus, Ron had to assume that the UFO went into the water—unless he went a short ways until he could see the water. We didn't get back to Ron to ask about this.


Reference for the above text is: E-mail from Dr. Frank B. Salisbury, Emeritus Professor of Plant Physiology, Utah State University, and author of the above book, dated November 09, 2011.




North America – United States, Utah, Uintah

Randlett            Latitude 40-13-58 N, Longitude 109-48-28 W (D-M-S) [populated place]

Fort Duchesne   Latitude 40-17-17 N, Longitude 109-51-17 W [populated place]

Bottle Hollow     Latitude 40-17-00 N, Longitude 109-51-51 W [reservoir and dam]

Uintah Basin      Latitude 40-13-30 N, Longitude 109-32-32 W [basin]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399


Skinwalker Ranch – Latitude 40-15-29.37 N, Longitude 109-53-18.21 W

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinwalker_Ranch     



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