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Finnvikvatnet, Tromsø community, Troms County.

Date: Tuesday, 26 April 2011.

Time: 22.28 NST (Norwegian Summer Time), i.e. GMT/UTC + 2.

Duration: 2 minutes.


     Two young men on Kvaløya Island at Tromsø decided to go for a trip with their moped this chilly evening, to pass the time. It had become possible to drive mopeds on the roads and the tour went up towards Lake Finnvikvatnet. Each rode their own moped and turned off the road at the south end of the lake, in the direction of [a] high-voltage line which runs along the lake. They parked their vehicles to have a smoke. The time was 22:28 and after that the engines was [sic-were] turned off. They heard the sound of large amounts of water falling. They turn[ed] toward the sound and see [sic-saw] a round object on the way up from the water, with a continuous white xenon-like light under it. The object resembles [sic-resembled] a film box of the type that was used at cinemas earlier. It was flat and had a shiny metallic surface, but was not "mirror-like". The object was hovering above the water for about a minute and a half. It seemed as if there was a column of water below the object. The observers believed the light came up from the water and filled the column of water. After approximately one and a half minute[s] the light was suddenly gone. Then they could not see the object any longer, but heard an unexplained sound.

     The observers had no recollection about the size of the object, only that it appeared suddenly. The distance from the observers and the object was estimated to between 100 and 500 meters.

     The sky was cloudy, there was a light wind, dawn, and the Moon was not visible. They got very frightened and drove back home. It began to snow after they arrived home.


Source: UFO (UFO-Norway journal), no. 2/2011, pages 4+6.


Reference for the above text is: E-mail from




Europe – Norway, Troms

Kvaløya           Latitude 69-40-19 N, Longitude 018-29-05 E (D-M-S) [island]

Tromsø           Latitude 69-40-00 N, Longitude 018-58-00 E [seat of a first-order administrative division]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


Finnvikvatnet   Latitude 69-45-24.30 N, Longitude 018-51-32.62 E (D-M-S) [lake]

Reference: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/12971131




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