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California Man Has Good View of UFO—And Occupant!


     In Simi Valley, California, about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, Gary J. Chopic saw an unidentified object and an occupant on October 4, 1973. Several reports have reached SKYLOOK, and—as usual—we draw on the reporting by David Branch and Robert B. Klinn (''The Register,” Santa Ana, Calif.) for the best account of the event.

     The authors went first to police department headquarters, Simi Valley, and obtained a copy of the police report. Lt. C. G. Chrestman said, ''The first thing Chopic said to me was 'I’m not a drinking man, and I just got through eating dinner...’”

     The official report follows:

City of Simi Valley

Case No. 73-20548

Date 10-4-73

Time 1850 (6:50 p.m.)

Type of Complaint


Person Reporting, Chopic, Gary Jay

R-P (person reporting) states he was W-B (westbound) on the Simi Fwy (freeway) at approx. 1850 hrs, driving his 1973 Chev wagon in the NR (number) 2 lane. R-P states as he was climbing the hill towards Pass Road, he obs (observed) an unk (unknown) object, just above the top of the hills. R-P states the object appeared to look like a space cone. The object dropped behind the hills and out of sight. R-P states as he pulled to the slow lane of traffic and reduced his speed. R-P stated as he approached the off ramp for Kuehner Dr., he obs a cloud of dust off to right side ofthe Fwy and below it. R-P stated he stopped on the Fwy shoulder and above the Kuehner offramp and got out of his veh (vehicle) to see where the dust was coming from.

     R-P states he obs a large object approx 30’X 50’, triangle shape with a 10’ blunt nose on it. R-P states it was pink-gray in color, with no visible lights. R-P states he obs this object for approx 3 min, and during this time it did not appear to touch the ground.

     R-P states while watching the object a man came out of the front and crawled to the rear and out of sight. The object had what appeared to be a bubble on top, and it rolled over after the man was gone. R-P states at this time dust engulfed the object and whole area. R-P stated when the dust cleared the object was gone, and so was the man.

                                                                       Reporting Officer W. Nelson  115

                                                                       Reviewed by Officer C. G. Chrestman 4 Oct 73


     That is the basic story, without a fill-in of details. We obtained these from the “Register” report of Oct. 31, 1973 and also from Bob Engens report in Oct. 12 edition of “The Enterprise Sun & News.

     Chopic estimated his distance from object as 80 to 100 feet. As it hovered about 10 feet above the ground, it swayed “likea boat at anchor.”

     Chopic said a large insignia covered the entire side of the craft. He said it looked like a huge V with progressively smaller Vs inside the larger figure. In the waning light of twilight, he could not discern whether colors were involved or whether it was, indeed, an insignia at all, but perhaps a series of vents. There were no visible windows or doors but from the bottom of the craft protruded a hose-like object approximately eight feet long and about one foot in diameter that not quite reached the ground.

     At the top of the vehicle, Chopic noted a clear glass-like bubble approximately three feet in diameter which swiveled “like a ball.”

     “From inside the bubble I could see a light colored object moving around and as I continued to look, an individual came from the opposite side of the machine crawling around the side toward the front—the narrower end of the craft. He looked up toward me and scrambled to the other side of the craft and disappeared. But just about the time he spotted me, I heard a clicking sound which lasted two to three seconds sounding something like an automatic weapon from a distance.

     Chopic said the “being” looked like a man of normal dimensions, but he wore something appearing similar to a wet suit except that it was a lighter color, perhaps silver. While he could not see the man's facial features, the face looked darker than the uniform.

     After the man retreated inside the vehicle, the bubble again rotated and disappeared inside, flush with the smooth deck of the craft, Chopic said. Suddenly the vehicle began to make a whirring or low humming sound and at the same time a fog-like substance began to appear, enveloping the entire craft. The “fog” exuded a sweet odor, not flowery, Chopic said, but perhaps close to certain incense scents.

     And all disappeared almost immediately.

     Chopic said he sat in his car for sometime trying to decide if he should report what he had seen. He felt many would think he was “nuts,” but decided to make the report as he felt the authorities should know and consider the fact it might happen again and perhaps involve some danger.

     Chopic has never believed in UFOs and isn’t sure now that visitors from outer space can come to earth—but he is disturbed by what he saw and has no explanation for it.

     It is interesting to note that after the report appeared in “The Enterprise,” a woman who declined to identify herself called Chopic to inform him she and her husband also had seen a similar object in the same locality one week prior to Chopic's sighting. She described the object as round, but Chopic reasoned that if viewed from different angles, it could appear either round or cigar shaped.


Source: Newspapers named in article. Credits: Mrs. Idabel Epperson and Prof. C. Kahlert.


Reference for the above text is: Skylook (early MUFON UFO Journal), #073, December 1973, pp. 4-5.



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North America – North America, California, Ventura

Simi Valley   Latitude 34-16-10 N, Longitude 118-46-53 W (D-M-S) [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399



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