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     There has been a great deal of controversy regarding the many photographs that Ed Walters has taken of UFOs. Most people are lucky if they get even one photo, so there are skeptics who suspect that his photos are not genuine. However, the following will reveal another aspect of his experience with UFOs—abduction—something which is not generally known about him. The accounts of his abductions connect him to other abductees with similar experiences and lead me to believe that he is quite involved in real events.

     The following text is from the book he and his wife, Frances, coauthored called The Gulf Breeze Sightings. His abduction experiences are conscious recollections and do NOT come from hypnotic regression sessions. The text is quite lengthy and I will only deal with the passages which focus on water. His abduction experiences started at age 17 and continued for many years, discussed throughout the chapter entitled “Budd Hopkins Returns” on pages 260 through 268. I heartily recommend reading this book in its entirety.-CF-




     When I was thirty-three years old1, we had only recently returned from living in Costa Rica and set up housekeeping in Corpus Christi. I went out on a solo fishing/canoeing trip, expecting to spend the day relaxing. If I managed to catch a fish or two, fine.

     The wildlife along the coastal barrier islands was spectacular. I should have taken a camera instead of a fishing pole. The water cut cleanly beneath the bow of the canoe as I slowly passed hundreds of brown pelicans nesting in and around the trees of the protected islands. The waterway I was in was deep, about fifty feet, and quite often I could see porpoises breaking the surface of the water.

     At about noon I was drifting with the current and decided to see what Frances had fixed me for lunch. As I reached into the bag, the bottom of the canoe hit something, then was suddenly still, as if I had run aground. But the sound was like metal on metal. Before I could lift my paddle, the canoe drifted free and continued on.

     I looked back, but saw nothing in the clear water that could have snagged me. Turning around, I saw a stream of bubbles stretched out in front of the canoe, racing ahead of me. My attention was no longer on the banana nut bread in my hand, but was glued to the strange bubbles. This was no porpoise.

     As the bubbles burst, I could smell the scent of chlorine. The current continued to push me forward, but the bubbles had stopped in my path. I paddled to the left to avoid them. The bubbles moved left. I veered to the right. The bubbles moved right.

     Only thirty feet away I could make out a green glow beneath the water. Very big and getting bigger. I tried to back-paddle. The current carried me forward, closer to whatever was rising ahead of me.

     What seemed like moments later I found myself sprawled in the bottom of the motionless canoe. I looked up to find I was beached near the mouth of the channel, miles from where I had last been. A barge passed by into the Gulf. My food had flies on it, and my watch read five o'clock.


Reference for the above text is: The Gulf Breeze Sightings by Ed and Frances Walters, pp. 267-268, © 1990.


Note 1: Ed was born in 1947, so 1947 + 33 = 1980.

With thanks to Dr. Bruce Maccabee for this information.




   Although the text above is placed closer to the end of the book, it gives the reason for what follows (CF):


     The investigators asked if there was anything I could remember that seemed strange. Any strange recurring dream? In other words, was it possible that I had been abducted in the past? The idea they suggested was that the UFO could block your memory of an abduction and the event could only be remembered under regressive hypnotism.

     I told them of a dream I'd had several times, but I made light of it, as if I thought it were nothing. Actually this dream was very vivid and occurred at least once a week.

     The dream would begin with me rising high in the sky and looking over a coastline. I could see the sandy beach with waves breaking on the shore. Sometimes I would recognize the beach but most often not. Then I would quickly descend and pass beneath the water into the ocean. I would gasp for—air, in fear of drowning, but as I went deeper and deeper, I realized I was inside a container with a large diamond-shaped window. Through the window I could see the water and fish. Shortly thereafter I saw a lot of bubbles passing in front of the window, followed by rising sand, which soon completely covered the glass. That's all I remember of it.

     I didn't tell them all the details or the frequency of the dream. Nor did I tell them of the other times in my life when an unexplained loss of time had occurred. I didn't want to encourage the MUFON investigators to think anything other than what I wanted to be true—that last night had ended the phenomena.


Reference for the above text is: The Gulf Breeze Sightings by Ed & Frances Walters, p. 156.




North America – United States, Texas, Nueces

Corpus Christi   Latitude 27-48-02 N, Longitude 097-23-47 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399


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