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     Another sighting took place in July of 1983, two miles from the Shikotan Island. It occurred during the summer, in the second half of July, early in the morning. Zenit, a fishing vessel from the Sakhalin Island, was moored near the island and waited for the opportunity to load the cargo aboard. Six crewmen stood on the deck. The sun was not out yet, and haze covered the horizon. All of a sudden they saw a bright orange-coloured sphere. It slowly moved from north in the southward direction, and disappeared as if it were turned off. The sphere was ten times larger than the visible Moon. It moved for about for two minutes. The sea was calm and the fog was light. The sphere moved low over the horizon, between the Shikotan Island and the vessel. It did not blind those watching it, so that they could easily observe it. The sphere looked like the reddish disc of the setting sun.

     This report came from V. P. Krilosov, and can be found in Valentin Golts’s archives (Mikhail Gershtein has graciously provided it to us). Golts was a UFO researcher and journalist in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), active in the Leningrad Commission for Anomalous Phenomena of the Geographic Society of the USSR.


Reference for the above text is: UFO Matrix magazine, Vol. 1, issue 6, p. 23, “USOs and UFOs in the Pacific Bermuda Triangle” by Paul Stonehill.




Europe – Russia. Body of water is the Sea of Okhotsk

Shikotan Island   Latitude 43-47-37 N, Longitude 146-44-50 E [island]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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