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    Five years went by, and another event took place in the very same location1. Priroda i anomalniye yavlenia newspaper published an article about the incident in its Issue 7, 1990. The sighting was dated October 1988, about 21:00, when the Soviet aircraft carrier Novorossiysk conducted training exercises. The crew noticed a gigantic body with vague outlines rising from behind the island. There were 36 lights located geometrically throughout the object. As the UFO ascended, all electronic systems aboard Novorossiysk went dead. The ship’s diesel engines ceased functioning, and even the portable battery-operated accumulator radio stations would not work. A state of the art modern ship, equipped with the modern electronics, was turned into a heap of metal three miles off the island. It was completely defenseless. The fishermen at the island, too, observed the object. Forty seconds later the onboard systems came back to life, one after another. The radar did not register any objects. One K-27 helicopter was sent toward the UFO, but the strange object flew away, at a great speed. The whole incident lasted for about 15 minutes.


Reference for the above text is: UFO Matrix magazine, Vol. 1, issue 6, p. 23, “USOs and UFOs in the Pacific Bermuda Triangle” by Paul Stonehill.



Note 1: Shikotan Island – This location was mentioned in case dated 07-MM-1983 which preceded the above text in Stonehill’s article.




Europe – Russia

Shikotan Island    Latitude 43-47-37 N, Longitude 146-44-50 E [island]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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