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...Or also, the 96 centimeters [tall] man, carrying [sic-wearing] a broad leather belt, shoes and panties [sic-underpants], which [sic-who] rose in the airs [sic] thanks to two boxes in the shape of pears, placed under each arm. This being was seen by Mr. Lacambre, forestry workman in Saint-Pardoux [sic- Perdoux1] (the Lot), on Monday, October 4, at 8:10 a.m., and the witness has even determined from the footprints that the small being fitted shoe size 21 [Europe standard]...


...Then only the facts would remain, logically unexplainable, which would constitute the true file on the Martians. One would then notice that this file is extremely thin, if not non-existent, and that in this business, there is much, far too much, literature.



The two ufologists indicate in their book that on October 4, 1954, at 08:10, Mr. Lacambre saw at the edge of a brook within 200 meters of his residence, a small being of approximately 90 centimetre[s] in height and oddly dressed. It was brown, carried [sic-wore] a broad leather belt, leather shoes and carried [sic-wore] underpants. Under each arm he carries an object in the shape of a pear. The witness returned at [sic-to] his place to take his shotgun. Coming back stealthily, he found the small being bent, drinking drinks a water mouthful in the hollow of its hand [bent over the brook drinking water from his hands]. Then it collected stones which it put in its belt. Mr. Lacambre approached up to 12 meters and heard the creature utter: "ortou" or "ortin". It then flew vertically and disappeared from sight in 30 seconds.



During a purification of his UFO close encounters in France, FRANCAT, Michel Figuet received a letter of [sic-from] Mr. Bosc who informed him that the case was a hoax devised by its witness, Mr. Lacambre.


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Note 1: There is some confusion as to the correct spelling of the name of the town. The newspaper clipping has Saint-Pardoux, and while there are several towns which contain this name, none of them is located in the department of Lot, which is indicated in the text. There are two towns, however, named Saint-Perdoux, and one of them IS located in the department of Lot.


Europe – France, Midi-Pyrénées

Saint-Perdoux    Latitude 44-40-25 N, Longitude 002-02-55 E (D-M-S) [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


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