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USOs in Chile and Peru


     The second case occurred on May 22, 1970, off the coast of Chañaral in northern Chile, at approximately 0400 hours. Captain Martinez Bush was then in command of the destroyer Lord Cochrane (named after the British founder of the Chilean Navy, who fought in its war of independence). This time the situation was far more alarming than in the previous case. Admiral Martinez described it in detail:

     "We had a situation in which we were exposed to three elements: first, an electronic contact that appeared on the [radar) screen; in the second place, it had a velocity; on [sic–in] the third place, it had a direction. As a consequence of this information on the bridge—by searching over—the watchmen identified a white luminous object that was effectively passing over [the ship]. This lasted approximately—I remembered timing it—about 30 seconds. We reported the contact [to Navy superiors] and we didn't give it too much importance, except when in jest one says, well, that's an unidentified flying object, so therefore not a single comment.”

     The last line is quite revealing. Admiral Martinez was breaking the "no comment" rule, but the great majority of naval officers never do, and these incidents cannot therefore be catalogued and studied. Nevertheless, Ugarte located another witness, retired CPO Guillermo Jimenez, who served 32 years in the Navy, 14 as helmsman.


Reference for the above text is: Fate magazine, “UFO Chronicle” by J. Antonio Huneeus, USOs in Chile and Peru by Admiral Jorge Martinez Bush, former Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Navy, during the UC-13 TV interview, January 2003, pp. 6-7.




South America – Chile, Atacama. Body of water is the Pacific Ocean.

Chañaral   Latitude 26-21-00 S, Longitude 070-37-00 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/

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