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Naval and Fishing USOs


     As we move northward along the Pacific into the coasts of Peru, we enter waters rich in fishing resources. USO cases can be found here both among fishermen and Peruvian Navy ships. Well-known Spanish author J. J. Benítez reported an interesting USO incident off the coast of Lambayeque in northern Peru on May 2, 1969, in one of his earlier books about Pe­ruvian UFO contactees, OVNIs: S.O.S. a la Humanidad. The case of the fishing vessel Roncal from the company Norpesca S.A. is—to put it bluntly-a down-to-water case, since it involved five sonar readings showing two unknown objects at the bottom of the sea. Benítez was shown, and reproduced, some of the printed sheets with the sonar readings by the fishing engineer who made them, Mr. Belevan.

     Belevan told Benítez that the sonar readings were “an irrefutable proof of the existence of UFOs, and when these sonar readings were obtained in 1969, those of us in the fishing community had discussed many times about these 'unidentified submarine objects.’ And we always reached the conclusion that, in effect, they were spacecraft or flying saucers. Many of us—and let's not even mention the owners and crewmen in the fishing boats—have even seen them entering and leaving the waters.”


Reference for the above text is: Fate magazine, “UFO Chronicle” by J. Antonio Huneeus, USOs in Chile and Peru by Admiral Jorge Martinez Bush, former Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Navy, during the UC-13 TV interview, January 2003, p. 7.




South America – Peru, Lambayeque

Lambayeque   Latitude 06-42-04 S, Longitude 079-54-22 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/





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