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Naval and Fishing USOs


     At least one extraordinary USO incident involving the Peruvian Navy has been divulged. It occurred in September 1967 during the joint American-Peruvian naval maneuvers called Unitas. These maneuvers are undertaken every year by the U.S. Navy with the fleets of several South American countries as part of an Inter-American defense pact. In his 1991 book, OVNIS: peregrinos del silencio (UFOs: pilgrims of silence), Argentinean author and architect Roberto Banchs, one of the continent's most respected ufologists, makes a reference to this case: “The Lima morning daily La Crónica affirmed on its edition of September 17, 1967, that three UFOs ‘spied on the anti-submarine maneuvers of the VIII Unitas Operation,’ jointly undertaken by the navies of Peru and the United States. The objects were observed by officers and sailors of the ship Rodriguez from the Peruvian Navy, once this vessel had finished its provisioning operation with the oil tanker Sechura. Years later, during the same maneuvers with the Argentinean Navy, the presence of unusual aerial phenomena was reported once again.”

     A few years ago I located a firsthand witness to this incident, Peruvian journalist Manuel Alcantara, who was then working for the Lima newspaper El Correo and is currently editor in chief of the New York Hispanic daily, Noticias del Mundo. Alcantara explained in an interview that he participated in the 1967 Unitas maneuvers as part of the press corps. “Usually,” he said, “the navy in my country invites journalists to go on board either in Peruvian ships or in vessels from the U.S. Navy for the Unitas military maneuvers, which go down to Chile. So, we had gone to Chile and during the return we had passed Lima and we were around Ancon more or less, when there was a nocturnal shooting practice. Then they threw a flare and all the ships began to shoot, until an object appeared right in there, positioning itself right in the center of the shooting range. We were observing the shooting practice and everybody was asking, what is going on, what is that, when orders were given to suspend the fire. I was not the only one to see it; it was seen by other journalists. We all saw it; there would have been some 3,000 people. The night was pitch-black so any light could be easily seen, and we could see the silhouette perfectly. It was then that orders to stop firing were given to see what was happening. I estimate that it was there for a couple of minutes.”

     I asked Alcantara whether the UFO looked like a solid object as opposed to just a nocturnal light and he answered, “Yes, yes, a solid object, besides a beam of light that it was emitting, you could also see like little windows. These could be seen better when it made a movement, a strange maneuver, identical to when a sheet of paper is falling or a tree leaf”—a well-known description of countless UFO sightings. “Then,” continued Alcantara, “it made like a double fall and stopped again. We were there observing it for a few seconds, maybe a minute, and then it left towards the horizon. During the fall we could see better its shape, that is, the light of the windows. It was a very graceful thing, so I have seen it [UFOs]; I can't deny that they exist.”


Reference for the above text is: Fate magazine, “UFO Chronicle” by J. Antonio Huneeus, USOs in Chile and Peru by Admiral Jorge Martinez Bush, former Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Navy, during the UC-13 TV interview, January 2003, pp. 7 & 60.




South America – Peru, Lima. Body of water is the Pacific Ocean.

Lima     Latitude 12-03-00 S, Longitude 077-03-00 W (D-M-S) [capital of a political entity]

Ancón   Latitude 11-46-28 S, Longitude 077-10-19 W [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer




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