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     ...In fact, one is certainly justified in wondering whether the green blobs that had haunted the East Anglian coast were in any way involved.

     A truly dramatic encounter with them was on a winter’s night in 1975 when a postal worker and his dog met one at very close proximity on the beach north of Leiston. This was right beside the Sizewell power station itself, one of the most controversial nuclear establishments in England. I have talked to one of the men who was on the team that built this plant and he reported, without any knowledge of the above events, that there were countless mysterious incidents that beset their work—electrical faults, strange sounds and lights and objects moving about on their own.

     The Sizewell beach encounter has many parallels with Gordon Levett’s 1980 story of the Bentwaters UFO landing—which occurred only about five miles south of here. In the 1975 case there was evidence that the two participants were "exposed" to some form of powerful energy, just as we saw might have occurred to Gordon Levett's dog. It happened at approximately 6.55 P.M. on 24 February 1975 when a light was seen by Thomas Meyer as it approached from the sea to the northeast. It was shaped like a giant pumpkin and glowed a peculiar greenish yellow aura with a sheen that was akin to the cathode ray tube of a TV set. It hovered only feet from the man and his dog, remaining at head height above the sands. The postal worker felt a "warm tingling" and smelt a strong odour like acid drops. This last effect appears to indicate that the energy field associated with the object was ionizing the surrounding air into constituent parts. The big dog stayed behind the man's legs trembling and cowering—a most unusual response—and then fled the scene, to be found some time later a mile away standing beside the power station fence and still shaking. On the same evening, investigator Peter Johnson reported that villagers at Leiston experienced a sudden burst of static interference on their TV sets.

     I cannot help but wonder whether what is being so widely described by the people in this part of East Anglia is not also tied in with the top secret electronic research which appears to be so prominent locally.


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     UFOCAT note: Mist. Greenish yellow oval surrounded by mist, made skin feel warm. Air smelled pungent. Dog fled terrified, found 1 mile away. UFO sped out to sea, no noise.


Europe – United Kingdom, Suffolk. Body of water is the North Sea.

East Anglia coast   Latitude 52-30-00 N, Longitude 001-15-00 E (D-M-S) [area]

Leiston                 Latitude 52-12-00 N, Longitude 001-34-00 E [populated place]

Sizewell Bank        Latitude 52-12-00 N, Longitude 001-40-00 E [shoal(s)]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


Sizewell                Latitude 52-12-54 N, Longitude 001-37-11 E (D-M-S) [power station]

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sizewell_nuclear_power_stations


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