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04-14-1950                           MISIDENTIFICATION           

On September 16, 2001, I received an e-mail from Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos in Spain which said:


Carl, I had now some time to review the few cases you sent to me (cases from my own literature). I will update them to you.

     04-14-1950, a reinquiry showed it was to be an oil capsule or container. IFO (Identified Flying Object).


Camarasa (Lérida, Spain). People in Camarasa observed a bright object coming down into the water of the lake at the hydro-electric plant “Riegos y Fuerzas del Ebro.1The object was seen floating for a while, then submerged.

(ABC2, April 15, 1950)


Reference for the above text is: Type-1 Phenomena in Spain and Portugal—1: A Study of 100 Iberian Landings, “Survey of Iberian Landings: A Preliminary Catalogue of 100 cases” by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos (with the assistance of Jacques Vallee), p. 46.


Note 1: Riegos y Fuerzas del Ebro (Irrigations and Forces of the Ebro) [= Ebro Irrigation and Power Co.]


Note 2: ABC is a Spanish national daily newspaper founded in Madrid on January 1, 1903.


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Europe – Spain, Cataluña

Camarasa   Latitude 41-52-29 N, Longitude 000-52-41 E (D-M-S)

Lérida         Latitude 42-00-00 N, Longitude 001-10-00 E [second-order administrative division]

Ebro            Latitude 40-55-00 N, Longitude 000-20-00 E [irrigation canal]


Note: None of the cities/towns above are in the Hammond World Atlas; however, the city/town of Flix is located at the eastern end of lake/reservoir Ebro.


Flix             Latitude 41-13-53 N, Longitude 000-33-01 E [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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