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L I T S (Lights in the Sky)


SEA LIGHT      Case No. 81

Muizenberg, South Africa

Sandra interviewed by Pam Puxley


“I can't recall the exact date of the incident, but it was sometime in April, 1993.


I always take my dogs for a walk on the beach at Muizenberg in the evenings.

This time I went with a friend of my husband's and mine, Mark, and we were down at the bottom of the beach where the vlei (lake) goes into the sea, right at the joining point of vlei and sea.


I had been watching a white light for quite a while as we were walking towards Hangklip Mountains, and I said to Mark, 'What is that light?’


He was watching it too as we were walking, and where the water gets too deep, we stood and watched it. The light was stationary for a long time and we thought it might be on the top of an aerial or something they had put up because it was very bright, almost blinding.


Suddenly, it went upwards, very fast, stayed still, then dropped again and rushed off to the left, then to the right. By now we were transfixed; we couldn’t figure out what it was.


We were standing looking at this ‘thing’ moving around when suddenly a beam came out of it: a very narrow beam, right from the centre of the light. The beam had translucent sheen to it. The light itself was blinding but the beam was much gentler, lighting up only where it landed on the water, and not around it. I could see where it hit the water; it was a very thin beam.


The light, or whatever it was, was not too far above the sea, probably about 50 metres (150 ft) from where I was, and it was hovering very low, right at the base of the mountains. It was definitely not a helicopter.


While we watched, it stopped and remained stationary for a long time, then shot straight towards us at an incredible speed. I turned and bolted for the bathing boxes which are on the beach, further back: the light just came at us with an almost devastating rage! Mark was shouting. ‘Don’t run, don’t run, let's see what it is.’


The bright white light was a transfixing thing, and that is what zoomed towards us. It was so blinding I couldn’t see anything as it came. I turned to run and as I blinked, even with my eyes shut, I could still see the light inside my eyelids. It just came rushing at us and I didn’t notice the beam or anything. I just turned and RAN!


Mark had offered to walk the dogs with me because I never go down there alone at night. But he didn’t run; he just stood and watched the light recede as fast as it had come. It scooted back to the shelter of the mountain and then it sped off in the direction of the Airport, flying low, out of our sight.


There was no colour to the light; it was just a blinding white light. I don't remember watching the dogs at all, or whether they were aware of the light and if their behaviour changed.


But something strange did occur at the same time. For quite a while, Mark and I didn't even talk; we were both concentrating on this bright light zooming around, becoming more and more fascinated by it. It was a very cold night and the wind was blowing, so there was nobody on the sands. But after I ran and the light had gone back and disappeared, I walked back to where Mark was standing, still in the same place, and as I looked to my left, there was a man standing in the water! He had no waders on, though the water was up to his thighs. He just stood there, staring in our direction, He looked at us and then walked out of the water and 'disappeared'. He didn't have a fishing rod; he had no equipment at all. He was dressed in ordinary clothes: a jacket and pants, but no shoes.


We saw him clearly: just standing thigh-deep in the water. He was like an afterthought, but he was facing in the same direction as the light. I don’t know how long he had been there, as we were not aware of him, being transfixed by the light blinding our eyes.


He didn't look at me; he just walked out of the water. Mark and I decided afterwards that he may have been trying to commit suicide and we disturbed him. He wasn’t drunk and he didn’t stagger. We watched him moving out of the vlei and that was very fast-moving water, but he didn't stagger at all.


He was only 10 metres (30 ft) away from me but I could see his face had no expression on it, as if he was not with us; that’s what made us think he might have been trying to commit suicide.


As I saw him, I got a heck of a fright, and went ‘Oh!’, but he just looked at me.


I said, 'Sorry, you gave me a fright', but he didn’t react at all; he just turned his back and walked out and disappeared.


We could not help wondering if the two events were connected; the man was definitely watching the object, facing exactly the way we were facing.


Mark is overseas at the moment but when he comes back he will provide back-up for this story, as he was there; he saw it too and was astonished. He had been in the Air Force and he should have been able to identify the object if it had been a helicopter.  But he couldn't. He thought it just an aerial light, rushing around. At one time he thought it might be a search helicopter, but the rate of its rising and falling and moving left and right convinced him it was too erratic and too fast to be a helicopter. We could hardly follow its movements: one minute it was here, the next it zoomed there, then back again. It was over Somerset West bay, or somewhere like that, then it was up the mountains, over Hangklip, and then it went overland towards the Airport. I know that, because I have seen planes going that way.”




Pam questioned Sandra further and found out that she had seen the ‘light’ several times. She said the shape was like 'an almost side-on Frisbee’. That night the weather was foul and the wind was howling and it had been raining. It was also very late, around 23:00 hours. Because one of the dogs is rather vicious, Sandra only goes out at odd hours.


Reference for the above text is: UFO AFRINEWS by Cynthia Hind, No. 9, February 1994, pp. 25-27. See: http://www.ufoafrinews.com/resources.html


UFOCAT PRN - 130247

UFOCAT URN – 130247 UFO AFRINEWS by Cynthia Hind, No. 9, February 1994, pp. 25-27

UFOCAT URN – 130247 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 16015, © 2002


Africa - South Africa, Western Cape

Muizenberg              Latitude 34-05-25 S, Longitude 018-28-08 E (D-M-S) [lake]

Hangklip Mountains   Latitude 34-21-54 S, Longitude 018-49-41 E [mountain]

Somerset West bay  Latitude 34-04-46 S, Longitude 018-51-25 E [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/

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