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Mazowe Dam, 1968


This report comes from George B. who lived in Harare at the time, but is now resident in Morley, Western Australia:

"I cannot be sure of the year, but probably 1968 and it was sometime between April and August. I had gone carp fishing with a friend, Keith R. As I recall, we had no fire but used a gas lamp positioned in front of us to cast light on our rod tips, making bite detection easier. We placed a shield of either card or tinfoil at the back of the lamp to prevent the light shining in our eyes and affecting our vision. We were positioned approximately 200 metres from the main Mazowe Road, facing south-east.

     I think it was about 22:30 when a bright white light emerged from over the hills on the opposite side of the dam. It was definitely white as I remember thinking it was a car's headlights. Between the two of us, we established that there could be no road where the light first appeared and from that point, we became fascinated with what it could possibly be. It was difficult to gauge its height but in view of the fact that we first thought it was a car in the hills, it could not have been a lot higher than the hills on the far side of the dam. Its height did not vary as it approached directly towards us.

     Two things are very clear in my mind at this stage. As the light got closer, an eerie silence seemed to settle on the entire area and nothing could be heard.The light became more orange and then nearly red as it was overhead. Directly above us, it changed direction and in its red form seemed to accelerate and vanished from sight in the direction of the dam wall.

     From the time the light appeared to the time it vanished is not easy to ascertain, but it seemed to move slowly so I would guess in the region of 15 seconds.

     We were dumbfounded as we both knew we had sat through something very peculiar indeed.

     No more than another 15 seconds or so had elapsed when a giant circle of light, maybe 300 metres in diameter, appeared in the centre of the lake. It was as though the water was being lit from underneath, from a central light source. We had no answers for what we had experienced and nervously decided to pack our gear and leave.

     I would point out that the size of the original light is not easy to describe other than being consistent with car lights in the distance and maintaining those proportions, but being only one light as opposed to two. It most certainly was not a clearly defined shape and would be best described as glowing strongly."


Reference for the above text is:UFO AFRINEWS by Cynthia Hind, No. 5, January 1992, pp. 6-7. See: http://www.ufoafrinews.com/resources.html




Africa - Zimbabwe

Harare             Latitude 17-49-04 S, Longitude 031-02-41 E (D-M-S) [capital of a political entity]

Mazowe Dam   Latitude 17-31-57 S, Longitude 030-59-54 E [reservoir]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/



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