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A 2007 Reservoir Sighting   

This is a recent sighting over the West Branch Reservoir in Carmel, New York. The UFO was witnessed by multiple individuals and happened on July 19. Information about this event was emailed to me after I was featured on a radio show. Although there were a total of fourteen witnesses to this event, I was only able to speak to five of them. Three of them were unrelated, independent witnesses, and despite slight variations in perception, they all told basically the same story.    

   The sighting took place over the West Branch Reservoir causeway, an open bridge that follows Route 301. Driving across it any time of day or year is a beautiful, scenic experience. It is at this location, back in 1984, that dozens of people lined up at night in hopes of getting a glimpse of the Hudson Valley UFO. Those who did have sightings report the experience as life changing and something that changed their views of reality. On a clear summer night in 2007, several residents were crossing the causeway in their cars, when the lead driver spotted something in the sky and slowed down. It wasn’t long until the drivers behind him also saw it, and all vehicles stopped on the road. The drivers and passengers got out and saw a series of white lights in a circular pattern in the northern sky, quite a fair distance from them. The simple fact that the lights were seen from so far away would indicate that it was one very large object, or ten or more different aircraft. There was no accompanying sound, and the object continued to approach where the witnesses were standing, all the while sinking in the sky. After a moment, the light circle was directly over the reservoir. The people who saw it knew something strange was going on because the lights seemed to be attached to one solid, very dark, triangular object. The UFO’s size was estimated to be at least a hundred feet from apex to the rear, and people could see a red light underneath the object that pulsated from being barely visible to becoming so bright it reflected off the water. The object dropped in altitude, and a red beam of light projected down into the water. When this happened, traffic was backing up on both sides of the causeway, and there were a dozen or more people watching the UFO. The dark triangle hovered above the water for about a minute, then all the lights “blinked out,” and it was gone. One of the witnesses made a report to the local police, who told him they already had reports of strange lights in the sky. The police didn’t plan on investigating the lights because one person called in and said he was able to identify the lights as small aircraft flying in formation. Over the next two months, a similar UFO was seen over several small reservoirs in Putnam County exhibiting the same characteristics and behavior.           

Reference for the above text is:
Ultraterrestrial Contact: A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic, Chapter Two,The Hidden Epidemic,” pp. 56-57 by Philip J. Imbrogno,© 2010, Llewellyn Publications.    


North America – United States, New York, Putnam     
West Branch Reservoir   Latitude 41-25-13 N, Longitude 073-42-24 W (D-M-S) [reservoir]
Carmel                            Latitude 41-25-48 N, Longitude 073-40-48 W [populated place]
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399         

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