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A Lake Encounter     

This next lake encounter took place over Putnam Lake in Brewster, New York. The witnesses were two young women, Kris and Sue, both in their early thirties at the time. Once again, the sighting happened during the nighttime hours. The best way to present this case is to let you read the sighting account as told to me by Sue herself, an area resident.         

Sue’s Story    

“Kris and I were returning home from work; we often carpool to save gas since we both live fairly close to each other in the Brewster-Patterson area. On July 12, 1987, we were driving down Fairfield Drive—off to the right is Putnam Lake. Just above the lake was a bright circle of pure white lights. The circle was high above the lake, just sitting there in the sky. I called out to Kris and said, ‘look at that!’ She said that it was probably a blimp. I said there was no way this thing was a blimp since I had seen blimps in the area before—this looked nothing like them. I slowed down and watched the lights come down from the sky toward the northern part of the lake. I pulled onto Lake Shore Drive (which follows the lake more closely) and parked on the side of the road to get a better look at the lights. The time was about 11:30 PM. We got out of the car and walked to the shoreline, about fifty feet from the road. The area is a pretty lonely place and we were a little scared to get out of the car.

   “The UFO—and I say ‘UFO’ because we didn’t know what it was—moved across the water no more than twenty feet above the lake. There seemed to be some sort of heat screen or shield extending down into the water, coming out from under this thing. Then, the UFO projected a beam of light into the water and the lights began vibrating. I heard a buzzing sound and could make out a sort of shape: it was triangular, like a pyramid. The UFO started vibrating faster and the buzzing got louder and louder; it got so loud we had to cover our ears. Without warning, the lights on the object went out and the whole thing just vanished. Kris and I were very excited—we knew we had just seen a real UFO! We got back to the car and drove to the state police station on Route 22 in Brewster. We told the officer on duty what we saw and he looked at us and said, ‘UFOs are not under our jurisdiction. You have to call NASA or the air force.’ He even asked us if we had been drinking. I was pretty insulted and the trooper said ‘Oh, you must have seen those guys flying ultralight aircraft out of Stormville Airport, they always try to fake a UFO,’ and he laughed. We left feeling very foolish and angry, and decided not to tell anyone else about our sighting.”       

Reference for the above text is:
Ultraterrestrial Contact: A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic, Chapter Two,The Hidden Epidemic,” pp. 54-56 by Philip J. Imbrogno,© 2010, Llewellyn Publications.    


North America – United States, New York, Putnam     
Putnam Lake   Latitude 41-27-59 N, Longitude 073-32-23 W (D-M-S) [lake]   
Brewster         Latitude 41-23-50 N, Longitude 073-37-01 W [populated place]         
Patterson       Latitude 41-30-49 N, Longitude 073-36-22 W [populated place]         
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399         

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