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04-26-1985               MISSING WATER


NOTE: To date, I have no cases in my files where a UFO has been seen drawing water from a water tower, water tank or swimming pool. It would be speculative to suggest that a UFO drew water from these storage areas when no UFO was seen in the vicinity, and even when a UFO was seen, it would not necessarily imply that it was responsible for the loss of the water. However, given the rapid emptying of these large storage facilities, it is still worth recording these cases for possible future file use. (CF)




     Paul Norman, Vice President of VUFORS in Australia and a colleague of mine, has written recently to say that he is interested in the relationship with UFOs and their need for water, or their use of water.

     As we have several cases of note in Africa relating to water, I thought it would be timely to do a brief review of these cases.


The first case comes from our investigator in Namibia, R. M. Roeis.


Case No. 28 (C) Report from Gomaub-South/Hoachanas //Part 1//


On the 26th April, 1985, the witness heard her child crying in its cot and went to see what was wrong. (She was not specific about the time, just that it was during the night).

     As she attended to the child, she saw a light sphere — ‘full of flickering stars’ — fall from the sky and hover over the homestead.

     The following morning, the witness’ [sic] husband, Mr. V., found that the farm dam was dry. The size of the dam was 15 m in diameter and 2 m high.

     Mr V. said this was the second time in 5 months that this had occurred, although there is no leakage in the dam. He added that he had lived on this farm since 1932 and in several instances he had seen a ‘spooky light’ which moves over the land and then goes.

      “It’s the size of a large motorbike headlight,” he added.


Reference for the above text is: UFO AFRINEWS by Cynthia Hind, No. 4, March 1991, p.17.

See: http://www.ufoafrinews.com/resources.html


Case No. 28 (C) UFO AFRINEWS 4 Namibia //Part 2//

Our Namibian correspondent, R. M. Roeis, has been in contact with the daughter of Mr. V., the witness mentioned in this case. Mr. V. himself died in 1987, two years after the phenomenon was reported in the newspapers. The girl, whose name is Hannetjie, is married and lives in Mariental, and is not connected with the farm where the incident occurred. At that time, she was 12 years old, which makes her about 18-19 years old now.

     Hannetjie says: "It was about midnight. I was feeling very feverish. I and my mother got up and I had to drink some medicine. It was then that we saw the strange phenomenon. It was a round ball, bigger than the headlight of a motorbike. It appeared as if the ball had several little stars that seemed to blink. It was not a blue-white colour but it glittered like the stars do. The next day was a Monday and that afternoon at about 1400 hours, one of father’s farmhands, who was guarding the sheep, arrived at the homestead and said that a red ball had ‘drunk' [the water from] the Lower Dam [or reservoir].

     "My mother described the light as blinking, bit it appeared [to me] like little stars that grow light and then darken.

     The ball of light that I saw arrived from the south and then went north. It seemed to me like a ball with a thousand little stars in it.

     The weather was definitely dry, the wind still, and there were no clouds. It was a very quiet happening; there was no sound. It was one of those nights when our dogs were at their most quiet. But the man guarding the cattle said that the sheep refused to come close to the camp where he had seen the red light ball....”


     I have always maintained that no case should be validated when only one investigation has been made. In my experience, the more one probes or discusses the case with witnesses, the more material comes to light and the more accurate one's final report will be!

     In the first reports received of this case, it said that Mrs. V. had heard her child crying in its cot — and one was under the impression that the ‘child’ was a small baby who could not give any evidence. But, the child was not ‘in her cot’ as previously stated; she was 12 years old and remembers the event quite vividly.

      The other interesting fact is that another witness has appeared on the scene: the farmhand who was guarding the sheep. It was he who saw the ball of light 'drinking’ the water. Previously we had only heard that one witness, Mr. V., had found his dam dry.


 [Text unrelated to this case omitted]


     There seems to be some controversy as to the colour of the light: Hannetjie reports that it was not ‘blue-white’, but glittered like stars do. She is not definite about the colour and we will check this out. But a major witness here is the sheep-guard and obviously, he is the one we must speak to.

     Hopefully, Roeis will try and track this witness down and a further report will appear in a later issue.

     I can only reiterate that water appears to have a great deal of significance in this case, as in those quoted in AFRINEWS No. 4. I know that Paul Norman and Judy McGee of VUFORS in Victoria, Australia, are continuing their investigations into the significance of water in UFO cases and I want them to know that we here in Africa are fully supportive of their work.

     Whatever the ‘Balls of Light’ are, there must be some intelligence behind them for them to act the way they do; and if they were identified as Ball Lightning, or plasma, or whatever, how could they possibly absorb the full contents of a dam of water?


     Surely this is one of the more arresting anomalies of UFO research?


Reference for the above text is: UFO AFRINEWS by Cynthia Hind, No. 5, January 1992, pp.19-21.

See: http://www.ufoafrinews.com/resources.html


UFOCAT PRN - 130223

UFOCAT URN – 130223 UFO AFRINEWS by Cynthia Hind, No. 4, March 1991, p. 17, and No. 5, January 1992, pp. 19-21

UFOCAT URN – 178758 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 14222, © 2002


Africa – Namibia, Hardap

Gomaub-South   Latitude 24-05-00 S, Longitude 018-10-00 E (D-M-S) [Gomaub Südfarmstead]

Hoachanas          Latitude 23-55-00 S, Longitude 018-03-00 E [populated place]

Mariental             Latitude 24-38-00 S, Longitude 017-58-00 E [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


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