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15.06.78 BRISBANE (WYNNUM CENTRAL), QLD 0305hrs (CE1)

QA 1978-007

On Thursday, 15th June, at 3:05 a.m., Mrs. F. Fisher of Wynnum Central had just finished tending to her baby and was passing her family room windows which give an east to northeast view over Moreton Bay towards Green Island when her attention was caught by a large yellow light stationary in the sky due east of her observation point. The witness stopped to observe the light which was approximately the size of a thumbtack head at armís length. The light remained stationary for about one minute, then commenced to move in [a] northerly direction very slowly. The colour began to deepen to an orange, then red. The light stopped again and began to pulsate. Suddenly a solid column of pure white light was emitted down onto the water, giving the first indication of distance from the observer.


The beam of light illuminated the water close to the beach which is about one-half mile distant. The source of the beam was some distance below the pulsating light at which point, a large darkened mass became evident between the light and beam, of considerably larger size. After remaining stationary for approximately 20 seconds, the object proceeded to move behind a tree standing in the yard, although the red light still could be seen through the leaves. At this junction Mrs. Fisher decided she had better get her husband up to confirm what she was seeing. Upon returning to the window, both witnesses saw the object reappearing from behind the tree although the light had turned yellow. The light beam was still shining vertically down and illuminated trees and a house roof close to the waterfront. The object continued its slow movement and was lost to view behind a large mango tree in the northeast end of the yard. Duration of the sighting was roughly four minutes.


The witness appeared to be level-headed, unexcitable, and is not and never has had any knowledge relating to the phenomenon of UFOs, either from literature or the movie "Close Encounters of The Third Kind", and has no desire for publicity. The RAAF was unable to supply information but indicated negative reasons for operations in the area at that time. There were no commercial flights in the area at the time either.


Reference for the above text is: auforn.com, Australian UFO Research Network:





Australia Ė Queensland

Brisbane               Latitude 27-30-00 S, Longitude 153-01-00 E (D-M-S)

Wynnum Central   Evidently lies between Wynnum South and North

Wynnum South     Latitude 27-27-00 S, Longitude 153-11-00 E

Wynnum North     Latitude 27-26-00 S, Longitude 153-10-00 E

Moreton Bay         Latitude 27-15-00 S, Longitude 153-15-00 E

Green Island         Latitude 27-55-00 S, Longitude 153-14-00 E

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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