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UFO Hotline Reports 

By Bob Gribble

The following is a flash report of incidents [only one incident given here because it is water-related –CF-] received at the National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, Washington. All names of witnesses are on file at the center.    

April 13, 1984, 10 p.m., Gainesville, Florida:

     While boating on a local lake, two witnesses observed an oval-shaped object in a stationary position about 100 yards from their boat. Holding at an altitude of about 100 feet, the object shined a cone of bright white light onto the surface of the water. After about three to four minutes, the object moved out of sight behind some trees. No sound was heard.      

Reference for the above text is: MUFON UFO Journal, #195, May-June 1984, p. 10, “UFO Hotline Reports” by Bob Gribble.           

UFOCAT PRN – 120364        
UFOCAT URN – 120364 International UFO Reporter (CUFOS), May 1984, p. 16
UFOCAT URN – NONE   MUFON UFO Journal, #195, May-June 1984, p. 10, “UFO Hotline Reports” by Bob Gribble        
UFOCAT URN – 168059 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # 14124, © 2002        

North America – United States, Florida, Alachua

Gainesville   Latitude 29-39-06 N, Longitude 082-19-29 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399



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