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ó A message from Port Pirie states that a big steamer well lit with masthead lights but mysteriously silent was seen to pass dangerously close by Wardís Spit, Spencerís Gulf on the night of June the 18th and travel on up the Port Augusta channel. The strangeness of the incident was intensified yesterday by a report that no such steamer reached Port Augusta on or about June the 18th. Two Spencerís Gulf Pilotís Captains[,] Simmonds and Dix, state emphatically that they saw the steamer come up the gulf and take that course. It made no reply to their signals and they were unable to intercept her with the Pilot launch.


Reference for the above text is: Northern Territory Times, June 30, 1931.

Original reference: E-mail from Lucius Farish to Chris Aubeck and forwarded to me (CF) on July 13, 2011. 


Australia - South Australia. Body of water is Ward Spit, Spencerís Gulf.

Port Pirie            Latitude 33-11-00 S, Longitude 138-01-00 E (D-M-S) [populated place]

Ward Spit           Latitude 33-02-00 S, Longitude 137-52-00 E [spit]

Spencerís Gulf    Latitude 34-30-00 S, Longitude 136-55-00 E [gulf]

Port Augusta channel Ė Unable to get coordinates for the channel, so I will give the populated place. The channel might be the body of water that lies between two land masses that leads to Port Augusta:

Port Augusta      Latitude 32-30-00 S, Longitude 137-46-00 E [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


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