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BETHWELLS [sic – BETHELLS] BEACH -- My name is Jason Monds and we were on a holiday to North Island on November 26, 1999, when we saw a UFO. A group of my friends were heading to the beach for a late night dip at about 11:30 PM, because it's extremely hot. Before we made it to the beach, all five of us saw a cigar-shaped object making incredibly fast advances up and down the shore. It was incredibly fast and silent. It was glowing glistening silver and would dematerialized [sic – dematerialize] and reappear. We could see the reflection of the moonlight on the water and then onto the craft. It would almost disappear and then re-materialize at a different point along the shore. It had no visible lights, but at one point, there did seem to be a line of dots or smudges along the side/edge of it. My friend Andrew, his dog Wilbur, and myself made an advance up the beach towards the craft. It stopped moving and hovered 500 meters off shore, although the shimmery appearance make [sic- made] it hard to estimate distance. So Andrew stupidly picked up a few shells and threw them towards the craft. I shouted, "I didn't think it was a good idea." Wilber kept barking and ran toward the craft every time it would move. We had been watching the craft now for about ten minutes and the craft had left the beach, hovering over the water about 600 meters off shore. I screamed at Andrew to stop messing about, but he said he wasn't going to leave without the dog, which was standing in the water barking. Andrew entered the water and felt a strange gravity or static energy run through him, but he grabbed his dog and dragged him back to shore. By this time I was more frightened than I have ever been in my entire life. I felt the craft was watching us so we ran back along the beach as quickly as we could. The craft was sitting about 100 feet off the water when it suddenly gained altitude. It dematerialized again, leaving a strange shimmer and it was gone. Once we got back to the batch [sic – beach], one of the girls, Jess, had already dialed 111 emergency and contacted the police. She was in a hysterical state, but the police turned up an hour later due to the remoteness of our place. We went back onto the beach with the police but the UFO had gone. Bethells Beach is regarded by the local natives as a highly spiritual area, and scientists have found massive concentrations of iron in the sand, giving it a black or purple appearance. I spoke to Manu, a New Zealand native Maori who has lived on the beach for 30 years. He claims UFOs are a regular occurrence and that he'd actually made contact with the crafts’ occupants on a number of occasions. He said that in Maori legend, the natives had actually been guided by the sea beings to New Zealand on their journey from the Hawaiian Islands long before white people had arrived. Thanks to Jason Monds, Christchurch, pointblanknz@angelfire.com.  

Reference for the above text is: Website: ufoinfo.com: Filer’s Files #49-1999 by George Filer:

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New Zealand, North Island      
Auckland   Latitude 36-52-00 S, Longitude 174-46-00 E (D-M-S) [populated place]   
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

Bethells Beach   Latitude 36-53-00 S, Longitude 174-26-00 E (D-M-S)           

Te Henga (Bethells Beach) is a coastal community located in the north of the North Island, New Zealand. The Māori name Te Henga, meaning sand, originally applied to a wide area of the lower Waitakere River valley, but in 1976 the New Zealand Geographic Board changed the name of the beach from Bethells Beach to Te Henga (Bethells Beach). The beach is approximately 30 kilometres north-west of Auckland City, at the mouth of the Waitakere River where it flows into the Tasman Sea.  
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Te_Henga_(Bethells_Beach) 

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