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We Have Visitors From Outer Space           
By Olavo Fontes           

 (Dr. Olavo Fontes is Chief of the Gastroenterology Section of the National Medicine School in Rio de Janeiro
and a respected and capable physician and surgeon. He became interested in UAO in 1953 when he read Donald Keyhoe's The Flying Saucers are Real. We feel he has done a very good job of evaluation and correlation of sightings which have taken place in South America in the past three years. We present here an exclusive article written especially for th[e] A.P.R.O. Bulletin by Dr. Fontes.           

   "THE GREATEST of all causes of non-observation is preconceived opinion. This [it] is which, in all ages, has made the whole race of mankind, and every [separate] section of it, for the most part unobservant of all facts, however abundant, even when passing under their own eyes, which are contradictory to any first appearance, or any received tenet[s]." (John Stouart [sic – Stuart] Mill: A System of Logic, Vol. II, p. 332)             
they are here. I don't know, of course, where or when the story actually started. I have no way of knowing what will be the end. Neither do you. Nor does anybody except God, the "visitors" themselves, and perhaps certain persons who aren't talking. But we know that already we have thousands of sightings, authenticated by thousands of witnesses of excellent reputation, indicating the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligences who are very interested in our affairs. I don't know why many people still imagine that the presence of these visitors from outer space will be—at last—recognized by the accumulation of sightings. The opening of this story explains why this is hopeless. We do not need a multiplicity of proofs; nor do we need statistical evidence. The answer lies in the field of logic rather than of evidence. It is a matter of "the-will-to-believe" or "the-will-not-to-believe. 
   Then why am I writing about the UAOs? Don't you understand? I don't blame you. I wouldn't either if I were you, there where you are now, reading what I am writing. But you will. You will understand some day and perhaps you will be worried. Did you ever hear about something called "fear-of-the-unknown"? I have. Yes, I have fear. Because I don't know WHY they are here and WHAT they want. And there are others like me. We want you on our side. We don't want to be the only ones who can't sleep well at night .... So, read the incidents I am going to relate to you—the most remarkable sightings from the number on record here in my country. But please, don't be frightened by my opening. We still hope they are friendly—and we haven't definite proof on the contrary. Make special note of the word HOPE, however. Because, my friend, you know and I know, everyone knows . . . . . hope is the only thing we have left   
       Remember that in this field of investigation, about the things we call UAOsone single incident is enough. A good "unknown," witnessed by reliable people. We need only one such incident to prove that we are not alone in the Universe.         
Checked and rechecked, five cases out of Brazilian records are here presented in essential detail.          
   INCIDENT 1. At daybreak on December 18th, 1954, the Guard Commander in the Getete [sic – Catete] Palace, Rio de Janeiro (where the President of the U. S. of Brazil lives), was suddenly awakened by shouts from the nearby streets. This officera captain of the Marine Corps—alerted the sentries all over the place and left toward the street to see what was happening. In his Official Report, which was later transmitted to the Air Force, he described the events he witnessed that night. Here is this Report, transcribed verbatim:         

    a). A[t] 3:45 a.m., I was awakened by the alarm given by the sentries and, after ordering the garrison to assume combat-posts all over the place, I contacted the sentinel stationed on Post 4. He informed me that he was observing a crowd of persons gathered at Flamengo Beach—in front of the Palace. The excitement had been caused by the coming of a "Flying Saucer”—said the soldier—textual words.            
    b). I stepped outside and ran toward Post 4 to investigate the phenomenon. When I still was about half my way, I saw an unknown object moving in the sky. It passed swiftly between Sugar Loaf Mountain and the buildings of the Navy Schoolfollowing a N. E. courseand was coming fast in a straight line toward the Palace. Its apparent size at first sight appeared to correspond to that of an orange. It seemed to follow a steady course, flying at an unknown height across the background of stars. This round luminous object was emitting a bright yellow glow. No sharply defined outlines were visible at the time, neither were any details discernible.
    c). When it came near enough to assume the apparent size of a large soccer ball, the unidentified object slowed down abruptly and stopped in mid-air. It came to a stop from high speed—all in about three seconds. It remained stationary over the sea, irradiating a glaring light which spread all over—illuminating the Guanabara Bay as in a moon-lit night 
    d). It hovered in that position, absolutely motionless, for a long time—about twenty minutes. Then, it suddenly started to move againat tremendous speed—and climbed up sharply in an oblique direction. During this movement, two small luminous objects were detected, flowing apparently from the lower part of the object. The whole maneuver was performed at a fantastic rate of speed and it required a time of only 4 or 5 seconds (if my computation was right). As the object disappeared into the night, the luminosity observed a few moments before also disappeared and the Bay was again thrown into darkness.   

e). It was a round-shaped object with a steady bright light—a glaring yellow glow, hard to describe. The outlines were regular but somewhat hazy; no details were discernible. The form remained constant, not changing during the time the object was in sight. The total absence of sound was another significant fact, more so as the night was perfectly silent          
   2. The night was cool and there was no wind. The sky was perfectly clear and cloudless at the time of the sighting and many stars could be seen. But there was no moon.        
   3. The sighting was witnessed by (it follows the names of the witnesses.).           

This sighting was kept secret by the Air Force until October, 1956. The Official Report transcribed above was then released by Colonel Adil de Oliveira, Chief of AF UFO-Research Unit. He made the following comment about the incident: "It's impossible to explain away a sighting of this kind. There are hundreds more, thousands more which—like it—still defy any conventional explanation."          

Reference for the above text is: The A.P.R.O Bulletin, July 1957, pp. 6-7.    

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South America – Brazil, Rio Janeiro     
Rio de Janeiro             Latitude 22-54-00 S, Longitude 043-14-00 W (D-M-S) [seat of a 1st order adm. div.]
Flamengo Beach         Latitude 22-55-40 S, Longitude 043-10-15 W (D-M-S) [beach – Praia do Flamengo]    
Sugar Loaf Mountain  Latitude 22-56-55 S, Longitude 043-09-21 W (D-M-S) [mountain –
Pão de Açúcar]     
Guanabara Bay          Latitude 22-50-33 S, Longitude 043-12-01 W (D-M-S) [bay - Baía de Guanabara]         
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

Catete Palace       Latitude 22-55-33.15 S, Longitude 043-10-34.31 W           
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catete_Palace           

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