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Location: Nolka, Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El Republic Russia 
Date: August 28, 2002                   Time: 0400A        

After being separated with [sic – from?] some friends and experiencing engine trouble with his motorcycle, Aleksandr Milkheev was pushing his bike along a coastal road near the Nolkinskieyv fish hatchery when he noticed at about 300-400 meters away a bright light shining on the water. Startled, he looked up and noticed a huge flattened sphere hovering above the water and radiating light downwards. The hovering sphere was silvery in color with a diameter of about 15-20 meters. On the lower section of the object, there was an illuminated “window” and from within, a beam of light shone on the water. The light was very bright resembling the glow of [a] welding torch. On the side of the sphere, he saw 4 or 5 additional lighted windows. Behind the windows he noted several silhouettes moving inside the object; these were similar to humans but only about 1.3-1.4 meters in height. In a state of shock, Milkheev watched for several minutes as the sphere began to gain altitude and move away, in total silence. The object moved towards the village of
Semënovkaand disappeared into the distance. His friends who were in the same area also reported seeing the object.      

HC addendum 
Source: X-Libri UFO, Russia                                             Type: A        

Reference for the above text is: Albert Rosales’s CD: Humanoid Reports 2002.     
Retrieved from Albert Rosales’s disc June 23, 2012.  


Europe – Russia,
Nol’ka            Latitude 56-38-33 N, Longitude 047-41-35 E (D-M-S) [populated place]           
Nol’ka            Latitude 56-34-51 N, Longitude 047-56-16 E [stream]
Yoshkar-Ola   Latitude 56-38-13 N, Longitude 047-52-16 E [seat of a first-order administrative division]      
Latitude 56-38-50 N, Longitude 047-58-47 E [populated place]           
Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    

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