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Location: An island off the west coast of Ireland

Date: December 25, 1945         Time: unknown


The witness was standing on the shore in a blizzard, waiting for a boat to return to the mainland, when a silver dome with a square base descended from the clouds and landed on the water. It was surrounded by purple lights and made a whirring noise like a drill. It rose again & landed in a field, crushing two cattle. The top slid up, & 2 humanoids with “squarish legs,” wearing gray black rubber suits, came out. One of these walked to the shore & onto the sea, where he placed a large phial. The other fired a red ray at a cow, burning through it. A farmer’s dog came up, barking; the humanoid pointed “a box with lights & antenna” at it, and the dog, apparently hypnotized, walked up to the UFO & was put on board. 5 or 6 similar craft streaked overhead. A mist then enveloped the craft & both beings “floated” up into it. One noticed the witness & waved at him; he ran from the scene. The farmer advised him to tell no one about the experience.


Humcat 1945-4

Source: Northern UFO News, # 31                                   Type: B

High Strangeness Index: 9

Reliability of Source: 7

Comments: If true, this case illustrates an early and direct link between cattle mutilations and UFOs. Very bizarre case.


Comment by A. Rosales: In the book Conspiracy of Silence: UFOs in Ireland, the case narrative is somewhat different from the Northern UFO News summary.


Reference for the above text is: Humanoid Reports 1945 by Albert Rosales, #47.


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UFOCAT URN – NONE    Humanoid Reports 1945 by Albert Rosales, #47


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UFOCAT URN – NONE    MUFON UFO Journal, #109, December 1976, p. 16


Europe – Ireland

Unnamed island off the west coast


Northern UFO News was a British publication concerned with UFOs and related topics, such as crop circles, edited by Jenny Randles. From 1974 to 2002 Northern UFO News provided a unique journal of record chronicling reported UFO activity occurring within northern Britain.

Reference: http://www.nufonews.co.uk/




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