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     That singular phenomenon the floating island, in Derwent Lake, Kerswick, was lately discovered by Mr. Wm. Bowe, a celebrated guide to the lake and mountains, to be in the act of rising; and since then it has been gradually increasing in size, and is now engaging the attention of the curious. Its figure and dimensions are variable; it has sometimes covered half an acre, and other times only a few perches. It is generally about this season of the year that it makes its appearance, and this will be about the ninth time that it has emerged during the last thirty years.


Reference for the above text is: The Australian, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, March 24, 1835, p. 4.

Received from: Chris Aubeck (Magonia Exchange), E-mail dated May 24, 2011.


Note: While this does not represent any UFO of our acquaintance, it has a similarity to chapter two, “Vanishing Islands,” of Vincent Gaddis’s book Invisible Horizons. It also bears a relationship to a case on this site where someone using sonar recorded a large uncharted body underwater, and later, upon returning to the same location for further investigation, found that it had disappeared.




Europe – United Kingdom, Cumbria

Derwent Lake   Latitude 54-35-00 N, Longitude 003-07-00 W (D-M-S)

Kerswick           Unable to locate, however, there is a Keswick in the area of the lake.

Keswick             Latitude 54-36-00 N, Longitude 003-07-00 W

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


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