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Two similar cases: Brazil, in 1975, NJ in 1966


New Jersey reservoir allegedly visited by strange UFO

Date of sighting: Oct. 11, 1966.

Location: Wanaque Reservoir, NJ.

Source: Official Guide to UFO's.

Submitted by: Joe Brill.


     A case somewhat similar to the Brazilian case [not included here since the case does not deal with water] described elsewhere on this page allegedly occurred on Oct. 11, 1966, at the Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey.

     The time was 9:15 p.m., and Sergeant Ben Thompson was on patrol around the reservoir. He received a call from the Pompton Lakes Police, which serves as a central dispatch headquarters for several communities, asking him to check out a report of some sort of flying object.

     He drove to the area where the object was reported, about five minutes away, and saw a very bright light which “sat inthe sky for two and a half to three minutes.” As he moved closer, the object began to move. The light was real bright and as big as a car. I’d say it was around eight feet in diameter.”

      Sgt. Thompson moved closer, then the object “made all these squared-off moves. It just kept going—to the right, left, up, down, and making all these square turns, to the north, to the east. . . .” (The square turns, of course, are similar to the movements reported in the Brazilian case.)

      The object, which seemed to be about 250 feet high and about 250 feet away, was described as follows: ''Well, if you took a basketball and cut a hole in it and then set a football in this hole—and then left the end of the football sticking out of the basketball—that's about what it looked like—from one position. Whenthis thing was going east and west, it would seem to be just a round disc. But then when it headed south, that's when I could see this other shape to it.”

      Sgt. Thompson said the light was “real bright white . . . so bright I couldn’t tell what was behind it.

     Hesaid the object ''moved at a very fast pace. I would say that it went a mile in the short time it would take you to get into a car and out of it.”

     Thompson said that at one point he switched on the rotating warning beacon on his car and the object “took off toward Cooper Swamp Mountain. And it seemed just like it went right inside the mountain. But to me it looked like the light went out.”

     He said that the object had “a funny mist all the way around it while it was in flight, as it went away from me . . . A very heavy haze.”

     Sgt. Thompson said there was no sound from the object, and he was certain it was not an aircraft.

     He also described two additional strange effects caused by the object, which lit up an area of the reservoir nearly a mile wide. “As it went over the trees—which would be on the mountain to the west—it would sort of pull the tops of the trees together. In other words, it had sort of a suction effect. . . . And it also pulled the water—upward. It was sucked upward. And when this thing flew away from the area, the water would just settle right down again.”

     Thompson said that, in addition to the Pompton Lakes Police observer (Sgt. Bobby Gordon, who said the object moved slowly and featured no mist when he observed it), a Mrs. John Oldman had seen it “pretty close up. She just stepped on the gas and took off.”

     Ending this rather strange tale is Thompson’s allegation that soon after the sighting the sky was filled with airplanes. “There were seven helicopters and, I would say, ten or twelve jets. Now I've never seen seven helicopters at one time in this area in all my life—and I've lived here for 40 years.” He could not identify the aircraft, but noted that the nearest base is Stewart Air Force Base at Newburgh, NY. He said the Air Force claimed they did not send any planes into the area.


Reference for the above text is:Skylook (Early MUFON UFO Journal), May 1976, pp. 14-15.



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North America – United States, New Jersey, Passaic

Wanaque Reservoir   Latitude 41-02-43 N, Longitude 074-17-41 W (D-M-S)

Pompton Lakes          Latitude 41-00-19 N, Longitude 074-17-27 W

Cooper                       Latitude 41-09-46 N, Longitude 074-19-56 W [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=154:1:1765846258792399





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