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       Just a week later another incident occurred about 1,000 miles west of Komatsu. This one is unique in U.F.O. sightings for two reasons:

       One: It was seen by a large number of witnesses including civilian and American personnel.

       Two: The object was under direct and relatively close observation for about 90 minutes!

       The incident began about 8 p.m. at Pusan, Korea, on January 15. The object was described to military authorities as being "about the size of a large washtub and emitting a blue-gray glow. It was seen falling into the water about 50 yards off-shore near Heunde.”

       It was early enough in the evening to attract the attention of a large number of Korean townsfolk. They reported that the glow continued for about an hour and a half before the object "apparently sank into the sea."

       By this time Korean National Police arrived at the scene and they, in turn, alerted U.S. Military Police. Cpl. Ben Elliot, an M.P. on patrol duty that night, was on the scene quickly enough to observe the object floating in the water for almost an hour.

       He described its glow as being similar to the flames from burning alcohol or benzene (sic). The glow, he said, appeared to be about the size of a large washtub, but the object itself could not be seen on the surface of the water.

        None of the witnesses expressed any desire to row out to the object for a closer look. As a result, it eventually sank out of sight into the sea's depths without being inspected.

       At this writing, no further reports concerning the object have been made. It was thought that Pusan University staff members might arrange for divers to attempt to recover remains of the object. If they did, their findings remain as much a mystery as the object itself.                         

This reference: Fate Magazine, June 1956, pp.22-24, article titled “Recent UFOs over Japan” by Samuel Norman.         

UFOCAT PRN – 73294

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                                     Japan” by Samuel Norman

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Far East – Korea

Komatsu, Japan (2 found)        Latitude 33-53 N, Longitude 133-07 E (D-M)

                                                Latitude 36-24 N, Longitude 136-27 E


Pusan, Korea                           Latitude 35-42 N, Longitude 128-02 E (D-M)

Reference: South Korea Gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., December 1966.  

HeundeUnable to locate Lat. & Long., but from website information, it appears to be either a suburb of Pusan or at least very close to Pusan.-CF- 

UFO Location (UFOCAT)           Latitude 35.00 N, Longitude 130.00 E (D.%) [URN 182705]   


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