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01-10-1978   ***FOG***


     CASE THREE: Bakers Creek Falls, NSW, 1978.13 I described the strange experience of Gary P.* on the Old Grafton Armidale road, during January 1978, in detail in UFO Research (NSW)'s publication, "Australian UFO Newsletter"14, thus only a summary will suffice here.

     During the early hours of January 10, 1978. Gary P. observed two UFOs about 10 miles out of Grafton, along the Old Armidale Road. One of the objects approached and seemed to be slowly moving down the side of a mountain side. It seemed to periodically issue a "shower of sparks." This sighting apparently lasted for about 20 minutes.

     It is the interim journey, that follows, that is of interest here. Gary P. found himself in his KombiA stopped on the road, at about 5 a.m. To his left was an incredibly bright object, hovering some distance away in the direction of Bakers Creek Falls. How is it that he found himself in this position. I quote from my report:

     "Mr. P.'s perception of time from leaving Grafton, up until he finds himself at Bakers Creek Falls—a distance of about a hundred miles—is certainly not clear. He thought the first sighting out of Grafton occurred a long time out of Grafton, but apparently after retracing his route he is certain that it occurred only about 10 minutes out of the town. He thought it was only a few minutes after leaving the first UFO sighting behind that he saw "a group of hunters" gathered around a fire beside the road, but his reconstruction upon returning along that road places these "hunters" a good 3/4 hour in time after this. Then he felt it was 10 or 15 minutes before he finds himself at Bakers Creek Falls. His second trip along that road put it at about an hour and a half. In fact he cannot even recollect driving the distance between seeing the "hunters" and turning up at Bakers Creek Falls. Although it is common for people to drive long distances without recollection of the trip, this particular road would seemingly preclude it. For much of its distance it is dirt gravel surface, which winds its way up into plateau country. The road twists and turns and even when it finally gives way to a bitumen surface, it still requires complete attention to travel it safely. Having driven up and down this road many times myself, I find it astonishing that someone, not having travelled it before, would not have a vivid memory of a fairly bad road. In fact without recall to total faculties, I would expect that a weary traveller would instead find himself parting company with the road in many places .... "

     Mr. P's recollection of the hunters and the surrounding locality may place it at Tyringham—a small community about halfway between Grafton and Armidale. Here in 1973, I investigated what appears to have been one of the most intensive UFO flaps ever experienced in Australia15. Mr. P. did not stop and share his adventure with the "hunters" as he felt he may have been ridiculed and the hour may not have been amenable to safe roadside meetings with strangers. Shortly after this he recollects seeing "the same thing again—these yellow objects out in a paddock,” but he was not certain. He continued on without any recall of what happened until just outside Armidale, at Bakers Creek Falls.

     My interview with Mr. P. tells what happened:

     "What happens was, next recollection was that I'm stopped on the side of the road, and I'm looking out to the left this time, and what I'm looking at is an incredibly bright...what I thought was a chicken farm... And I'm looking at this thing and I was watching it for a good 10 minutes and there was nothing happening.... I just couldn't believe it, just how bright this thing was... and I was about to take off…. I actually lined this—the chicken coop—(this thing) what I actually saw, was that the chicken coop moved!"

     After a lengthy diversion with an uncooperative "witness,” Gary P. set off into the paddock to get closer to the extraordinary object he was seeing. However as he got nearer, the object seemed to retreat into the extensive fog that surrounded it. Gary P. eventually found his way to the falls area and saw the fog retreating out of the ravine. Suddenly the fog stopped and P. was shocked to then see that the fog was now returning along its original path towards him. It quickly enveloped him reducing visibility to less than 10 feet. The return of the fog was accompanied by a sound similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. A column through the mist could be made out above him where he could see the sky. The fog then quickly dissipated along with the sound, leaving P. alone at the falls. He waited until morning then returned to the car. Standing at the car P. noticed what he described as 2 "shockwaves" one minute apart, which was like the whole area was suddenly shaken. Then normality; 7:05 a.m. and morning.

     For further details on Gary P.'s experience I direct you to my report.16


*Name and address on file (not for publication).


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Note A: The Volkswagen Type 2, officially known as the Transporter or informally as Bus or Camper, was a panel van introduced in 1950 by German automaker Volkswagen as its second car model — following and initially deriving from Volkswagen's first model, the Type 1 (Beetle).

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Australia – New South Wales

Grafton                   Latitude 29-41-00 S, Longitude 152-56-00 E (D-M-S)

Armidale                  Latitude 30-31-00 S, Longitude 151-39-00 E

Tyringham               Latitude 30-13-00 S, Longitude 152-32-00 E

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


Bakers Creek Falls   Latitude 30-32 S, Longitude 151-53 E (D-M)

Reference: http://www.ga.gov.au/map/names/



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