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Case No. 148


Date: 88-12-28

Local Time: 1850

Duration: estimated 3+ minutes

Location: east of Betances, southwest Puerto Rico

No. Witnesses: 2+

DB: v     CB: f     PB-1: a     PB-2: x     UFOD: c


Abstract: Wilson Soza and Carlos Mercado watched in amazement as a very large triangular UFO flew across the sky. They then noticed two military jet interceptors approaching it. One of the jets was nearer to the UFO and seemed to "disappear into the huge UFO and then, shortly after, the second also disappeared, with the sound of the jet engines ceasing the moment the jets vanished" (Pratt 1996, 223).1


The witnesses saw the UFO descend to just above the surface of Laguna Cartagena, a lake about one mile away. There, it blew up in a "massive but totally silent explosion." Small pieces of flaming debris were seen falling to the ground. Moments later, both witnesses again saw something above the lake's surface; there were now two smaller objects present which accelerated out of sight in opposite directions.


Comments: Investigator Jorge Martin discovered that none of the military bases in Puerto Rico acknowledge losing any airplanes that day. Soza tried to find pieces of the debris he had seen falling the day before but couldn't. This aerial "show" is typical of many others in which the sensory evidence violates the laws of physics as we now know them. Did the two jets merely collide with each other and fall into the lake? Whose airplanes were they and what kind were they? If air crew died, what were the families told about their deaths? How can something blow up visually without producing a sound shock wave?


Note: 1. If the jet engine noises ceased simultaneously with the visual disappearance of the airplanes, how does one account for the much slower speed of sound that is involved? If the event took place even two or three miles away from the listeners, there should be some delay between the two events. Otherwise, the UFO and jets would have had to be very near the witnesses. This discrepancy must be cleared up.


Reference: Pratt, B. 1996. UFO Danger Zone. Madison, Wis.: Horus House Press, 222-224.


Reference for the above text is: CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind by Richard F. Haines, Ph.D., p. 242, 1999.


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Middle America Puerto Rico

Betances                  Latitude 18-01-43 N, Longitude 067-08-06 W (D-M-S)

Laguna Cartagena   Latitude 18-00-50 N, Longitude 067-06-04 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=139:1:584016604572706




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