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G. S. Wiersema


This is the story of a landing which is stated to have taken place on the Leusderheide, near Soesterberg, on Saturday, March 25, 1972. The Leusderheide is a wide moorland to the east of Utrecht in Holland.

     I had first heard about this landing and occupant case through the newspapers, some of them actually featuring it as front page news. It was not until several months had passed that I learned that the case had been thoroughly investigated by NUSC, the Nederlands Ufologisch Studie Centrum (Dutch Ufological Study Centre) of The Hague. Their report was published in Ufologisch Informatief Tijdschrift(Ufological Informa­tion Magazine)* for May-June 1972. I have obtained written permission for their report to be published in Flying Saucer Review.

     The witness seems to be an important businessman who wishes to remain anonymous, but I understand that his full name and address are on file with the NUSC. We will call him Mr. B.

     The NUSC first learned some brief details from Mrs. v d V, the niece of Mr. B. She said that her uncle had told her a very strange story, that he was very confused and had told only a few relatives about it, for he was afraid he would appear foolish. Mrs. v d V urged NUSC to get in touch with her uncle, so he was con­tacted by telephone. He agreed to tell them his story­—which he did on the telephone—and as this sounded credible, representatives of NUSC then visited him. Mr. B was asked to repeat his story at different times, and the versions all matched. Attempts to catch him out with incorrectly-worded questions also failed.

     Here is my translation of the published report.


     "On Saturday, March 25this year, I awoke at about half past three in the morning due to a loud humming sound. At first I thought that my Hi-Fi stereo installa­tion was still switched on and had not been switched off inthe evening. But in that case I should have noticed it earlier. However, the installation was switched off and I could not figure out where the sound came from or by whom or what it was caused. I looked round the room once more, but I could not detect anything strange. Suddenly I noticed that light beams were coming through the Venetian blinds which were down.

     "My curiosity was roused and I walked to the window to peep outside on the street. I saw a blinding white light, as if someone in front of the house had lit a Bengal light. I also saw a sort of 'fog' in the vicinity of that light. This 'fog' stood like a 'fence' on the pavement and was approximately 4 metres long and 2 metres high. Parked behind it stood my car, a VW 1300. I did not under­stand what it meant, but my first impression was that my car was on fire. I hastily put on a pair of slippers, grabbed my car keys, put on a jacket and ran out of the front door—without, as it turned out later, shutting it.

     "I jumped into my car, while noticing that it was not covered any more with a layer of ice due to night frost, but that it was wet with melting water, in contrast to the other parked cars. So presumably there must have been a source of heat somewhere around. Was it the light or the 'fog'? I did not wonder about this until later. At any rate, it was strange and frightening. When I had started the engine, the strange 'fog' crept, as it were, round the car, at the same time I felt the back of the car bouncing, as if 'someone' had jumped onto it.

     "In my rear mirror I saw the light (or fire) pheno­menon at the back of my car and I thought that my car was on fire! I panicked and accelerated. I drove out of the street without actually realising where to.

     "'I have to drive,' I thought, 'perhaps that way the flames will be extinguished.' At the end of the street I turned to the left and after first going through a dry ditch and closely passing a few trees, I then came onto an asphalted road. Panic seized me, I was terrified. I tried to alert other people's attention, if they [sic-there] were any around at all but my horn did not work. It seemed as if I was forced to drive. I did not meet anyone, nor, I think, did anyone see me. I guessed that if I were to stop I might be killed. My memory played me tricks.

     "After driving for a while I came on a road across which a chain had been stretched. With still 4 or 5 metres to go, it tautened inexplicably and then broke just as inexplicably. I stopped. I then realised that I had driven some 7 minutes (about 4 kilometers, as it turned out later) through the dark with my lights on and that I found myself somewhere on the 'Leusderheide.' Normally no people come here. Later it appeared that I had entered a military range.

     "After I had wiped the sweat from my face and looked out of the window, I saw a human-like figure run past me. It had come somewhere from behind the car and seemed to be on its way to a certain point right infront of me. Suddenly it vanished. I got out and now dis­tinctly saw an enormous object in front of me around which was a greenish glow. To the left of me I saw an oval-shaped bright light which was moving among some trees towards the object infront of me. Could it be the same light that had been at the back of and around my car at the time I left home and until I arrived here?

     "In amazement I watched this scene a bit closer and noticed that I was at a distance of some 10 or 15metres from the object which, seen from my point of view, was lens-shaped.

     "It had some sort of windows from which issued the greenish light. It was a peculiar diffuse glow. I also noticed that the object had a metallic appearance, like aluminum. I did not see any welds or rivets. The windows formed an integral part of the surface, i.e., there were no window frames or the like. On top of the object were three thick green beams of fluorescent-like light, like those of searchlights, shining upwards into the sky. In my opinion the light which came from the left seemed to be controlled, for at the end, behind one of the windows, I saw a strange human-like being who was looking at the greenish light phenomenon and who seemed to perform certain actions.

     "When the oval-shaped light had come near the object, it crept, as it were, upwards along the side of the object. As soon as it had reached the 'roof' there appeared there another green beam, also shining upwards.

     "My curiosity got the better of my amazement. At first I thought 'Why, the Army or Air Force is busy with something.' That's why I walked a bit closer to the object which was about 30 or 40 metres long and some 4 metres high. At least that is the impression I got. It stood flat on the ground. It might well be that the human-like being that had run past me previously had crept into this object through some hatch, because it had suddenly disappeared just above the ground in the direction of the object.

     "When I came closer there appeared right in front of me, behind the window, a human-like being that was watching me. It made a gesture with its right hand which seemed to indicate 'Back, back.' At the time I was at a distance of some 3 or 4 metres from the object and I looked into it. The being, which I could see and describe very clearly, seemed to be counting with the fingers of its left hand 'three  four.'

     "The being, or creature, looked like this: its height was between 5 ft and 5 ft 4 in. (The metric measurements were not quoted in this translation—Editor), it was dressed in a sort of tight-fitting overalls of a peculiar material with a dull metallic glow. This clothing had no seams and it fitted tightly round the wrists. Round its waist it was wearing what seemed to be a belt at the right side of which emerged some sort of tube which, running upwards behind its back, was attached at the side of its head to a stand-up collar. Its head was oval-shaped with slightly disproportionate almond-shaped eyes which seemed to light up constantly, but this effect may have been due to the strange diffuse light surrounding the object. The eyes seemed to look right through you. It seemed as if the creature was smiling, because its upper lip was curled up.

     "Behind this creature I noticed some sort of instrument panel, on, or in which, colour changes were constantly visible.  The creature turned its head and looked at it, apparently everything seemed all right. At that moment I noticed some more human-like beings behind the other 'windows.' They were separated from each other by a transparent 'wall' through which they also seemed to communicate. When the creature had counted 'three   four' with its left hand fingers, as I remarked before, and had at the same time made this 'back, back,' gesture, the enormous object suddenly 'jumped' from the ground with a jerking movement and remained hanging at the same place for a moment, then it 'floated' some ten metres to the right after which it seemed to be 'hurled away' without raising dust. It disappeared with a sound which might best be com­pared with that of a tile sliding from a sloping roof. When the object appeared reduced to the size of a dinner plate, the green beams disappeared. It was now only visible as a grey spot with a bluish-white glow in the centre. I also noticed two smoke trails with a green light fading in between them. Of course I do not know if it was smoke, but that is what it seemed like to me.

     "The object disappeared over what appeared to be a small house vaguely outlined against the horizon. I suddenly felt very cold, which had not been the case during the experience. I got into my car which had the headlights still on and drove home as best I could. Back home, my wife, who was very anxious, asked me where I had been and why I had left the front door open. The family had awoken at the time I left with the car. I sat down and asked one of my children to go out and feel if the engine of the car was warm.Indeed it was, and the car was completely dry, whereas all the other parked cars in the street were covered with a thin layer of white frost. I was back home again at a quarter past four in the morning. I had been away 45 minutes.

     "Later that day my children went to see if there were any traces which the object must needs have left behind. The chain which had been stretched across the road was broken. There was also an area of flattened grass and imprints from my car tyres. So I must have actually been there and possibly I have seen something real, only I don't know what.

     "I don't have television and I have never read any­thing about the things you call UFOs, nor do I believe in them. Yet I must confess to myself that I have seen something very strange which upset me for two days afterwards.

     "Perhaps you will be able to investigate everything and find a solution for this phenomenon. Please do not give my name to the press, because I wouldn't like that. Moreover, itwould have an unfavorable effect on my position at the office if it were to turn out that I was the one that had seen all this.”


     This is a lengthy report, and it is not yet finished. A second part, dealing with on-the-spot investigations has not, at the time of writing, appeared in the Ufolo­gisch Informatief Tijdschrift. As soon as it does I will make a translation for FSR readers.


Reference for the above text is: Flying Saucer Review (FSR) November 1972, pp. 10-13 by G. S. Wiersema (on-site investigation)


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Europe – Netherlands, Utrecht

Leusderheide  Latitude 52-06-42.00 N, Longitude 005-18-11.40 E (D-M-S)

Reference: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dnet/5396105229/meta/


Soesterberg    Latitude 52-07-00 N, Longitude 005-19-00 E (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/




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