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     On November 18, 1887, the crew of the British steamer "Flamborough" witnessed an unusual aerial phenomenon. Sailing in latitude 40° N., longitude 71º 20’ W., just off the coast of Maine, at 7 P.M., they saw a brilliant object that left in its wake a long and bright tail. As the object passed overhead, the ship's master, a Captain Fraser, was temporarily blinded and experienced "a considerable pain in his head." 13 Before the object made its appearance, the wind was brisk from the west-southwest, but as it flew past, the wind "fell light and shifted to west, and subsequently veered to west-northwest, increasing to strong breeze again."

     If this was a meteor, why the temporary blindness and the headache? More information about the duration of the sighting and the behavior of the object would be helpful in attempting to explain the phenomenon.


Note 13: Report from the Boston, Massachusetts, Custom House branch of the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, dated November 21, 1887 (National Archives, Washington, D.C.).


Reference for the above text is: Mysteries of the Skies by Gordon I. R. Lore and Harold H. Deneault, p. 46, © 1968.


UFOCAT PRN - 79594

UFOCAT URN – 79594 Mysteries of the Skies by Gordon I. R. Lore and Harold H. Deneault, p. 46, © 1968

UFOCAT URN – 65007 Computer Catalog of Type 9 Cases (N=150) # 006 by Brad Sparks, no © date


North America – Atlantic Ocean

Ship’s position    Latitude 40-00 N, Longitude 071-20 W (D-M)

Note: If the text is correct, the ship would have been off the coast of New Jersey; not Maine. However, there might have been digits mistakenly left out, as the longitude above is in degrees and minutes, whereas the latitude only contained one set of digits.-CF-


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