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One of the most recent Journal für UFO-Forschung [for UFO-research] (4/2009, p. 98) contains an older French USO case which has just now been reported by a German witness after more than 30 years.


The man noticed, on one unspecified evening in July 1978, at Plouescat in Brittany, a glowing green patch below the sea in a distance of 300m/1000 ft, in the centre of the bay, which emerged from the sea as a brilliant yet diffuse light phenomenon and flew directly over him away into a northern direction.       

Now this sounds, except the last portion of the story and the proximity of the phenomenon, like a rocket launch from a submarine. Was the witness mistaken about the distance?


I did a Google check for OVNI and/or Finistère / Brest and 1978, but didn't come up with further observations. Does [sic-Do] any of our French colleagues know more? Is it a single witness case, or were there several observations (as one might expect if it had been a rocket launch) which might explain it as something conventional or might help fill details in case it is a true unidentified?


The case may become a minor classic as it has already been taken up by the ancient-astronauts/conspiracy magazine mysteries from Switzerland.


Best wishes also for a Happy New Year.          




Reference for the above text is: Personal communication, e-mail from Chris Aubeck dated Jan. 10, 2010.

Original e-mail from Ulrich Magin dated January 10, 2010.

Original reference: Journal für UFO-Forschung [for UFO-research], 4/2009, p. 98.




Europe – France, Bretagne (Brittany in English), Finistère. Body of water is the English Channel.

Plouescat         Latitude 48-40-00 N, Longitude 004-10-00 W (D-S-M)

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


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