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Sent:    Tuesday, April 18, 2006 1:05 AM

To:        carl@waterufo.net

Subject: Idaho Snake River UFO



     I watched the History Channel UFO Files this evening about the Underwater UFOs. I knew a man who had an amazing story about UFOs coming up out of the water from the Snake River just SE of Marsing, Idaho...


[Followed by information on his father’s connection to a UFO event and why he was interested in UFOs]


     I hope this sets the picture of my interest and to a degree my discernment of things related to the subject. I might say that my interest and enthusiasm was revived at that time in a big way. I began attending Boise area MUFON meetings, and even taught a 6 or 8 week course (one night a week) for Boise Public Education on the Roswell subject in about 1992-93.

     I wish now I would have written down particulars and a name of the man who related the tale. I hope I can give enough information that you can find a Boise area researcher to follow up. My own UFO interest is pretty casual now. If I could get the Coast to Coast radio stanon [sic-station] here in Kellogg I'd probably listen to it several nights a week but radio reception here is terrible. I will watch the TV specials and features when I happen upon them but it isn't common. I can't say I've been to any UFO website in 5 years before tonight.

     I used to get my occasional haircuts at a barbershop in downtown Nampa, Idaho on 1st or 2nd Street. I was at the barber chair alone with the owner one day when a radio or TV story prompted the conversation to turn to UFOs. I briefly told him a little of my Dad's UFO story and then he began to somewhat nervously relate his first-

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hand experience. I seem to recall he was referencing the early to mid-70s but it is fuzzy now. He said he had personally witnessed on more than one occasion at night a large object surface[d] out of the Snake River in an area between Marsing and Givens Hot Springs near where I understand he had lived. This object would then lift out of the water and depart at high speed. He told me this in some confidence but with enough emotion and detail that I was convinced of the truth. He said that he and other witnesses were not initially believed when they talked about it and so they decided to shut up because of the ridicule. As I recall they would see lights under the water moving at high speed before the surfacing. I asked him on that private occasion if he would detail what he remembered to some MUFON-trained investigators and he didn't seem comfortable with that. I felt it best not to pressure him on this first opportunity. I never got another chance alone to pursue it with him.

I should know this for sure from memory but I don't 100%, but I believe he was Hispanic and as I recall (in this mid-nineties time frame) he was probably 50-55 years old. I wish I could tell you the name of the barber shop or an address or something, but we moved to Oregon from Nampa in 2000 and my memory is just not that good about this. Locals in Nampa who have been there 10-15 years should know exactly which barbershop it is. I mentioned this to one of the Boise MUFON guys once who later moved to California but I don't recall telling anyone else. The barber was obviously greatly affected by what he had seen and seemed a pretty private type of person on things personal. Had the story I told of my dad's experience not been so pointedly unique I doubt he would have said anything.

I know I'm not giving you much here but it is a true story and I'm very confident this man had absolutely seen repeatedly something very amazing. I hope someone can track him down, win his friendship and get some more details. I am not the world's best judge of character but I think I usually know the nut cases when they come along and they always do as you probably well know. I did a search of "Idaho" on your listing online and didn't find anything from the Marsing area. I know the Simko Road and Prairie, Idaho area (east of Boise, north of Mountain Home) has much local UFO folklore among the old-timers, but that is on the other side of Boise and not really near Marsing at all.

If I think of any other helpful details, I'll let you know. I sometimes still E-mail two friends in Nampa who are World War II B-24 bomber historians. I'll write them tonight to see if they can be of help.



P.O. Box

State & Zip code

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            Sent:    Tuesday, April 18, 2006 10:09 PM

            To:       carl@waterufo.net

Subject: Re:     Idaho Snake River UFO



     Yes, my Dad had talked with Stanton, Linda M-H, Stringfield, and others. I spoke

with Stanton briefly at a UFO deal in McMinnville, OR a few years ago. My dad passed away two years ago last week [April 2004]. What is the mail address? I know Stanton has tried to call me at home a few times in the last year but we never connect. If you can contact him my new cell number is (Number). Saturday evenings (Pacific Time) are good usually.


My friend (First Name only) in Nampa replied to my inquiry with this:


Well, I looked and here is what I found:

Lloyd's Barber Shop 311 2nd St S.

Nampa, ID [ZIP] 83651 - 3772


Phone Number

Sorry I don't know who runs it. This is the only one I found downtown.


(Friend’s first name only)


This is the place alright! Interesting, now that I think about it because my dad's middle name was (deleted by CF) and that's what he went by after his USAF retirement in 1963. Before that it was usually (deleted by CF.)


(First Name only)


Reference for the above text is: E-mail L. Thompson (personal communication, April 18, 2006)




North America – United States, Idaho, Owyhee

Snake River             Latitude 43-10-19 N, Longitude 116-19-47 W (D-M-S) [Bird of Prey Natural Area]

Marsing                  Latitude 43-32-44 N, Longitude 116-48-48 W

Givens Hot Springs   Latitude 43-25-20 N, Longitude 116-42-53 W


North America – United States, Idaho, Ada

Boise                     Latitude 43-36-49 N, Longitude 116-12-12 W [South Boise]


North America – United States, Idaho, Elmore

Prairie                    Latitude 43-30-18 N, Longitude 115-34-26 W

Mountain Home        Latitude 43-07-59 N, Longitude 115-41-28 W


North America – United States, Idaho, Canyon

Nampa                   Latitude 43-32-27 N, Longitude 116-33-48 W


Reference for all of the above locations is:





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