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In 1950, Edward W. Ludwig of Stockton, Calif., recalled this very strange story:


“It happened in the last week of June 1944. The small Coast Guard-manned cargo vessel, of which I was executive officer, was approaching the tiny island of Plamyra [sic – Palmyra Atoll], about 800 miles southeast of Hawaii... Suddenly the atmosphere of calm was shattered by a crackling radio message telling us that a Navy patrol plane had been lost at sea. Plamyra [sic] naval authorities appealed for our assistance in the search.


“So we cruised back and forth, shouting into the black still night, playing our searchlight beams over the dark waters. We found nothing. Not even a scrap of floating debris or spot of oil to indicate where the plane had crashed. Twenty-four hours later we anchored in the lagoon-harbor of Palmyra, weary, our minds numbed by the tragedy.


“That midnight I was on watch on our ship’s bridge. Suddenly I glimpsed what first appeared to be a brilliant star, high in the dark sky over the island. As I watched, the light began to swell like a balloon and to come closer. I grabbed my binoculars, hoping for an instant that the lost plane might be returning.


“But I soon saw that the object in the sky was neither plane nor star. It was definitely round, a sphere hovering above me, motionless and silent, and at least five times as bright as the most brilliant star. The sphere began to move with almost imperceptible slowness. Then it stopped... For half an hour the light continued its slow, purposeful maneuvers until it covered an area of approximately 90 degrees. At last it headed northward, away from the island and in the direction where the plane had been lost.


“The following morning I made inquiries, my mind toying with the thought that the two incidents—the sphere and the lost plane—might be related. The Naval lieutenant in charge told me that absolutely no aircraft had been aloft that night and that no Japanese could possible [sic – possibly] be within 1,000 miles.


“He was extremely puzzled by the problem of the missing plane. Its radio direction finder, he believed, had somehow malfunctioned, resulting in a reversal of directions. But this theory, of course, would not explain why two experienced pilots, familiar with the area, would fly directly into the setting sun, away from the island, instead of in the opposite and correct direction. I will never forget the lieutenant’s final words. ‘Perhaps,’ he suggested, 'the inhabitants of the strange sphere wanted specimens.’”


Reference for the above text is:


“Foo Fighters of WWII” from UFO Report by Jerome Clark and Lucius Farish. Retrieved January 01, 2011 by CF.




Pacific Ocean – United States, (UM - U.S. Minor Outlying Islands)

Palmyra Atoll   Latitude 05-52-52 N, Longitude 162-04-21 W (D-M-S)

“about 800 miles southeast of Hawaii”

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


Palmyra Atoll (pronounced /pælˈmaɪrə/) is an essentially unoccupied equatorial Northern Pacific atoll administered as an unorganized incorporated territory by the United States federal government.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmyra_Atoll


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