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BEFORE - Pre-1947 Sightings from the Files of Lucius Farish


     From the May 1946 issue of AMAZING STORIES, letters-to-the-editor column: [“quote—” deleted by CF]


     In 1942 I was on a little island outpost off our southern coast. While on duty at the OP1 one clear, moonless night, I saw a brightly glowing, unidentified object, like a flare in appearance, travelling horizontally over the sea at moderate speed; I can't even guess at its height, its distance from OP, or its size.

     Possibly thirty seconds or a minute after my first glimpse of it, the object plummeted straight down toward the water and disappeared. I watched the area where it had vanished, and a couple of minutes later it reappeared, rising swiftly in apparently an absolutely vertical line until it was out of sight.

     Last winter, when I was with an anti-aircraft battery in Germany, I witnessed a recurrence of the incident, with the exception that before the object dove toward the ground, it shot to and fro, short dashes in various directions; the impression that came to my mind was that its erratic movements suggested a search.

     At neither occurrence were there any planes in the vicinity, nor do I know of any aircraft capable of such a performance. Furthermore, I make no claim for this yarn, and I have no witnesses; make what you will of it.

(Signed) Sgt. Dirk Wylie.


Note #1: OP = Observation Post


Reference for the above text is: Skylook (Original MUFON UFO Journal), No. 51, p. 20, February 1972,BEFORE - Pre-1947 Sightings from the Files of Lucius Farish



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Note #2: Founded in 1967, Skylook was the official monthly publication of MUFON, which preceded the MUFON UFO Journal.


North America – United States

a little island outpost off our southern coast

Possibly Key West, an island in the Florida Keys chain, which has a U.S. Navy base.


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