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   The struggle to obtain Rome was no easy task. Though it was a fierce struggle, it paled in comparison to the situation unfolding in the English Channel. On June 6, Operation Overlord, the invasion of Europe had commenced. Swarming the Normandy beaches were the first waves of combined Allied troops. General Eisenhower and his joint Commanders at SHAEF anxiously awaited news of a foothold on the French beaches.183

   While the savage battles raged, the liberty ship USS George E. Badger sat just off Omaha Beach. On board, Gunner Edward Breckel scanned the horizon. Suddenly, something appeared in the sky about five miles away. It was a “dark ellipsoidal object,” which was “blunted on each end like a sausage.” Unable to hear any noise associated with [the] object, Breckel noticed it was “moving in a slow, smooth, circular course at about 15 ft. above the water” with “no protruding parts like an aircraft, and was moving too low and fast for a blimp.” The object maintained in Breckel’s view for approximately three minutes. 184


Reference for the above text is: Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in World War II by Keith Chester, p. 67.


Reference note # 183 is: According to author James McGovern, who was a post-war “intelligence agent in Germany for five years,” none of the soldiers fighting out from the beaches and cliffs toward Carentan, Isigny, St. Lô, and Caen could know this. Nor could they know that Chemical Warfare troops had followed them ashore with Geiger counters but had found no traces of radioactivity. And they could not know that the failure of the secret weapons to attack them had greatly relieved the few Allied leaders who knew of the threat. After two weeks, the beaches were secure. No rockets armed with radioactive material greeted the assaulting forces. The secret weapons had failed to make an appearance and “reply to the invasion.” However, it would not be long before the V-1s began launching against England, not the Normandy beaches.

Crossbow and Overcast by James McGovern, William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1964, pp. 51-60.


Reference note # 184 is: CRIFO Newsletter, January 7, 1955, Vol. 1, No. 10, Leonard Stringfield, editor and publisher.


UFOCAT PRN – 11238

UFOCAT URN – 11238 CRIFO Newsletter & CRIFO Orbit by Leonard Stringfield, January 1955

UFOCAT URN – NONE  Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in World War II by Keith Chester, p. 67.


Europe - France

Omaha Beach   Latitude 49-22-00 N, Longitude 000-53-00 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/



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