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Aliens love to buzz the borough

by Eric Munn


            A housewife from Wallasey claims that the area is a hotbed of UFO activity.

            Nikki Limb is the newly appointed Wirral representative of the Merseyside Anomalies Research Association (MARA), which was set up in 1996 to investigate and research UFOs and other strange incidents.

            She says UFO sightings are extremely common in Wirral and many are regularly reported to her. She also claims to have seen UFOs herself.

            “There have been lots of recent sightings,” said Nikki. “We log each sighting and interview the people who report them. We check flight paths and make sure no planes were flying over when the object was spotted because sometimes planes’ wings can catch the light and distort the shape of the aircraft.

            “If we think it's something that can't be explained, we look into it further and try to find more witnesses. If we can't verify the sightings, we don't record them.”

            The group has a strict code of practice, which means that witnesses are interviewed in confidence and each incident is looked at with an open mind.

            Nikki said: “We meet on the last Friday of every month to discuss all the group's findings. We're not saying that what people are seeing are flying saucers—they could be something completely natural or even something from the military.

            “We get a lot of reports of objects rising out of the Mersey so we think that the water might have something to do with all the sightings in the area.”


            One of the strangest of MARA's incidents occurred on August 24, 1997, when they say a black sphere appeared to rise out of the river.

            The group claim that four witnesses in Wallasey saw something odd in the evening sky at about 7.30 p.m. in the evening as they were sat in the garden with friends enjoying the clear weather.

            One of the people noticed a black ball in the sky moving at high speed—apparently quicker than an aircraft. They watched this for about a minute and had enough time to get in the house to get binoculars.

            During the observation the object changed direction a number of times and also seemed also to change shape.

            Eventually the group lost sight of the object when it went over the roofline. The sighting was verified by three other groups of witnesses.

            MARA founder Tony Eccles said: “Most of the things people see are explainable; they look mysterious but can mostly be identified.

            “But there are areas in Wirral that seem to have more sightings than most places. There are quite a lot of sightings in Bidston, and several people have seen them while they are driving on the M53.”


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First published on Wednesday September 24, 2003. File copy was retrieved November 08, 2004.



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Europe – United Kingdom

Wallasey           Latitude 53-26-00 N, Longitude 003-04-00 W (D-M-S)

Wirral               Latitude 53-21-51 N, Longitude 003-05-13 W

Bidston             Latitude 53-24-00 N, Longitude 003-05-00 W

Mersey             Latitude 53-27-00 N, Longitude 003-02-00 W [River]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/


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