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In 1928, peasants from the village Shuknovolk [Shuk-Navolok] (Karelia) [Kareliya] witnessed another remarkable event. The phenomenon remains a mystery even today. One of the locals, F. P. Fedotov, presents his account of those days.


Something resembling a big cylinder with red flame streaming from its rear end collapsed into the lake. Some say that it is still lying on the bottom of this lake and hampers fishermen to fish there. After the fall of the object, local residents started noticing a strange 1-1,2 [1½ ?] meter long creature. The creature's body appeared slim and its hands were touching the ground. Each hand contained four fingers. The creature was incredibly fearful; it would always hide in the water whenever approached by humans.


Japanese have a legend of a cane man. According to the legend, not only did the man live under water but he also could fly at an incredible speed. The legend has much in common with the “alien” in Karelia. Both of them have membranes with claws. Japanese have an image of this creature which dates back to VII [7th] century.


Reference for the above text is: Personal Communication by e-mail from Albert Rosales to me (CF), dated February 25, 2006.

Original reference is from: Pravda Ru dated May 12, 2004, below.



UFOCAT URN – NONE Website: Pravda.ru, posted May 12, 2004, retrieved 12-26-2010 by CF



Europe – Russia, Kareliya

Shuk-Navolok       Latitude 61-33-00 N, Longitude 032-49-00 E (D-M-S)

Lake Syamozero    Latitude 61-55-00 N, Longitude 033-10-00 E

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/



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