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A friend was with her, she adds, when, on December 30, 1946:


"We were on high ground that curves southwards from Morro Bay. The sun had just gone down ... and the time was 5:35 p.m., when, suddenly, a dark object appeared in the sky. It came forward and grew more distinct. On the golden sky it looked very black. It came forward head-on and had a bat-like appearance, owing to the curvature of its wings. I am not sure if there were motions at the extreme tip of the wings; but the strange machine seemed to stand still for several minutes, and its form was very distinct. Suddenly, it either lowered itself towards the horizon, or the bank of cloud-mist made an upward movement—maybe both movements occurred—for the machine passed behind the cloud and did not reappear. Immediately afterwards, a great flush of colour spread over the sea." [See: Note 1]


The woman with Miss Young, at this time, corroborated the statement that the strange machine hung poised in the air for more than five minutes and had wings curved like those of a bat.

       What was this mysterious object that hung all night in the sky over San Diego? [See: Note 2] Was it a spaceship? Some of the eyewitnesses thought the machine was being navigated, but not in the manner of an airplane.


Reference for the above text is: Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold T. Wilkins, p. 44, © 1954.


Note 1: This might have been caused by the craft’s acceleration as it departed. Several cases indicate color changes of the field as the craft puts “the pedal to the metal,” so to speak.


Note 2: San Diego is far to the south of Morro Bay, so the city of San Luis Obispo would be the closest point to the bay. (CF)


UFOCAT PRN - 11431

UFOCAT URN – 011431 Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold T. Wilkins, p. 44, © 1954
UFOCAT URN – 140938 A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies by George Eberhart, #0124, © 1980
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North America – United States, California, San Luis Obispo County

Morro Bay            Latitude 35-20-16 N, Longitude 120-51-05 W (D-M-S)

San Luis Obispo    Latitude 35-16-58 N, Longitude 120-39-35 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=139:1:584016604572706


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