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Occurred: 22:30 (Entered as : Ap/?/87 10:30)
Reported: 7/20/2000 10:57
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Carolina Beach, NC
Shape: Cigar
Duration:30 min.

Carolina Beach N.C. cigar I shined my bright headlights on it! Entry Date 7/20/00

As best as I can recall as time frames escape me, in the summer of 1987 as a resident of Carolina Beach, N.C. my mother began yelling from our back porch that she was seeing a u.f.o.. After ignoring her cries for three times, I was compelled to go check the situation out because of her "close encounter" scream! Upon entrance of the back porch facing the ocean ,I then observed a tubular shaped flying vehicle beaming the most spectacular blinding light into the ocean waters not more than 1000 yards away from shore! I turned to Mom and we both began to more or less "freak-out" about what we were seeing! I then instructed her to examine every detail about this "thing" so that we could better remember its design. Imagine, if you will, say a 747 jet without any wings or tail, only gigantical and unpainted, the bare metal design showing no rivets whatsoever. Windows adorned the side from front to back and forms of occupants were hazily seen behind some in the mid-section. It made no noise! It hovered over the ocean as if looking for something in the shallow surf [speculation].I then left Mom and ran to the car and sped away at least 80m.p.h. in a 20m.p.h. zone to the Phelps' pier at the end of Carolina Ave. North and slung the car around to face the still oncoming slow sailing airship. This angered local residents who came to confront my recklessness, but once I pointed to that "thing" all was astonished at "it". As it neared I clicked my bright headlights on it. It then slowly swung around and faced me dead straight! It now looked like a circle and had its light off. It began to hover over me. At this point I closed my eyes and began to fervently PRAY!! When I looked back up, it slowly moved back to surf just beyond the pier and "blasted" is too slow the term for its departure! Instantly in the distance Wrightsville Beach N.C. lit up from the u.f.o.'s light beam. After a few min. the same thing began at Topsail Beach, N.C. This happened up the North Carolina eastern coastline until it faded from my sight. When I returned home my mom said local news would carry the story at 11:00 which was just coming up. In a brief report, they mentioned that the u.f.o. sightings being called in as nothing more than a "Coast Guard Drug Survailence (sic – surveillance) Vehicle"! O.K. Carolina Beach 'You remember this!! Who could ever forget?! Back me up on this!


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UFOCAT PRN - 192598

UFOCAT URN – 192598 National UFO Reporting Center, 05-11-2005




North America – United States, North Carolina, New Hanover County

Carolina Beach        Latitude 34-02-07 N, Longitude 077-53-37 W (D-M-S)

Wrightsville Beach   Latitude 34-12-31 N, Longitude 077-47-47 W

Topsail Beach         Latitude 34-21-55 N, Longitude 077-37-50 W


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