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Dear Mr. Feindt,


I read with interest your underwater UFO web site.


I witnessed an event in the summer of 1975 or thereabouts, over the waters of Lake Ontario. I was driving west along Beach Ave in Charlotte, NY (suburb of Rochester). It was early evening and the sun was approximately 20 above the horizon. The lake's surface was orange due to the [suns?] reflection. I saw, speeding Northeast at perhaps 300 MPH or more, a silvery craft shining in the sunlight. I couldn't make out a shape other than being flat or oblong. It was maybe a 1/23/4 mile from shore. At first I thought a speedboat, but there was no sound nor wake. It appeared to be just feet above the water. I had no binoculars and after 20-30 seconds it vanished over the horizon.


       Another story was told to me 20 years ago by a young woman who grew up in Spain. She told of being out in a boat on the Mediterranean as a girl in the late '60s and a silvery, cylindrical shape "blasting" across the water 1-2 miles away, going "hundreds" of miles per hour. She could hear a whooshing (air turbulence?). It was just 1020 feet above the surface. She stated that there was a grey/whitish "contrail" and the whole thing frightened her and her family. [See note below (CF)]


Hope this is of interest. I am a chemical engineer and have always been fascinated with the sightings published over the decades.



Name held confidential (CF)


Reference for the above text is: Letter from the witness, mailed on December 05, 2006 from Rochester, NY.


NOTE: On November 09, 2010, I sent an e-mail to Spanish UFO researcher Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos to see, if by chance, he had a matching report on the second sighting mentioned in the letter. However, with so little to go on (no date, no location and no name of the witness), it was virtually impossible to track down.




North America United States, New York, Monroe County. Body of water is Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario       Latitude 43-20-00 N, Longitude 077-19-59 W (D-M-S)
Charlotte            Latitude 43-15-18 N, Longitude 077-37-01 W
Rochester           Latitude 43-09-17 N, Longitude 077-36-56 W


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