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   Around noon one day in February, 1955, I was walking toward the beach at Ocean Beach, near San Diego, Calif., when suddenly something made me look up. I stopped, amazed and fascinated at what I saw―a huge geyser of water with the rear end of what looked like a space ship protruding from the top. I watched, spellbound, while the geyser subsided, a short distance from the end of the rocky breakwater (which, by the way, since has been removed).    
   At the place where the geyser disappeared was a ring of what looked like woolly clouds, but they did not act like clouds as they did not move although a strong wind was blowing.    
   I waited for 20 minutes to see what else would happen, but nothing changed and finally I left. I still wonder about the incident. I’ve heard that space people can send their spaceships to any depth under the sea and create an air bubble around them so they can emerge and walk around in it.        

Annabell Culverwell, Jerome, Ariz.       

Reference for the above text is: Fate magazine, April 1958, p. 114.           

UFOCAT PRN – 73292          
UFOCAT URN – NONE   Fate magazine, April 1958, p. 114      
UFOCAT URN – 073292 Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 38, © 1970       
UFOCAT URN – 141512 A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies by George Eberhart, #0140, © 1980          

North America – United States, California
Ocean Beach    Latitude 32-44-40 N, Longitude 117-15-18 W (D-M-S) [populated place]
San Diego        Latitude 32-42-55 N, Longitude 117-09-26 W [populated place]
Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=116:1:8819224456856858733


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