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And No One Even Knew About It

Nothing in Jim Cooke's engineering and physics background could explain what it was he saw while driving home late one night in 1983.

       "It was shocking to look at," Cooke later told investigators. "It was quite large."

       Cooke is a biomedical engineer in his mid-thirties who designs equipment for laser optics and laser surgery. He was driving to his Hudson River Valley home in Mahopac, New York, from nearby Croton Falls on October 28, 1983. It was 2:15 A.M.

       "I was coming up Croton Falls Road from Route 6, going around a bend, when I noticed these lights in the trees," he said. "They looked like the lights of an aircraft, so I didn't think much about it.

       "I continued along the road, and the Croton Falls Reservoir was on my left. The lights approached very fast from off in the distance until they were very close to the reservoir.

       "They dropped down much too quickly to be a plane. The object just hovered above the trees, and I slowed down to get a better look. All I noticed at this time was that the lights were off, and all I could see was a dark mass behind the trees. It looked like no aircraft ever saw before."

       Cooke stopped his car and got out, but trees blocked his view. He stood for two or three minutes watching through the trees and finally got up enough nerve to try for a closer look.

       "I started to walk through the trees to the shore line. I got to the shore line, and I could see this object just hovering no more than fifteen feet above the water. It was still dark, but I could see it was triangular in shape.

       "It had a highly non-reflective surface. I could see the dark mass, but I couldn't make out any detail at all. I did airplane repair work for four years in the service, and this material was like none I have ever seen before."

       The object was about 200 feet away from Cooke, and he could hear no sound.

       "Then nine red lights came on, on the sides of the triangle, and they looked like the red from your basic LED display on digital devices. Then something came from the underside of the object, a red beam of light or something solid that was glowing redI really don't know what. But it seemed to be probing the water."

       As Cooke watched, the object "moved to four different spots over the reservoir, and each time it stopped this red probe interacted with the water. At all times, the object maintained a steady altitude of about fifteen feet above the water."

       Several times the object projected a "screen" down to the water, Cooke said.

       "It seemed like the probe was either behind the 'screen' or in it. If you have ever looked through infrared waves, you can see the distortion of the background through them. This is what it looked like."

       As Cooke watched, the object "would drop the probe, and the probe would glow when the curtain or screen or whatever it was would appear. Then the curtain would vanish and the probe would retract and the object would move to another part of the reservoir."

       Jim Cooke's first impression was that the probe was a solid light source because it seemed to have the same density throughout its width and length.

       "There's a term we use when we heat-treat metals," Cooke said. "It's called 'cherry red,' and that was the color of this probe. At times the probe would get just below this color, and at times it would be cherry red. It seemed to me to be a working device. "

       Several cars passed by, and each time the lights on the object would go out, coming on again only after the cars had gone out of sight. Each time the lights went off, Cooke could see no hint of a light source.

       "For example, on the wings of a plane you can see the bulbs or the source that produces the light, but here there was nothing. There were times when the lights went out that this craft came very, very close to being invisible.

       "It was doing a good job of hiding itself by fading in and out like this. The lights did reflect on the water. They were not as bright as aircraft lights, but they outlined the craft nicely."

       He doesn't know how long he watched the object. "

        I lost all track of time. I was just amazed and somewhat shocked. I really don't know how long I watched it, maybe ten or fifteen minutes."

       As for its size, it "was at least one hundred feet long at the base and thirty feet at the apex.

       "After it finished its probing of the water, it just lifted and silently drifted upward the way it came. It went up at about a thirty-three degree angle until it was lost in the sky."

       Jim Cooke doesn't know what he saw, nor does anyone else. We call it an unidentified flying object, or UFO, because no rational cause or natural explanation can be found for it.

       This does not mean that it was extraterrestrial in origin or that "little green men" were flying it. It could have been a secret, experimental device originating from somewhere on earth. However, its ability to hover silently argues against that, unless some government has developed a technology that makes all aircraft, space shuttles and booster rockets obsolete.

       UFO sightings have been reported in the United States and throughout the world for at least fifty years, and although various agencies have repeatedly claimed UFOs are nothing more than natural phenomena, manmade craft, or misperceptions, people like Jim Cooke continue to see things that truly cannot be explained.      

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UFOCAT note: Engineer sees 100' delta-shaped UFO repeatedly probe lake surface with red beam of light. Every time car passed, lights went out.


North America United States, New York, Putnam County

Croton Falls Reservoir    Latitude 41-21-28 N, Longitude 073-39-54 W (D-M-S)

Mahopac                         Latitude 41-22-20 N, Longitude 073-34-00 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=139:1:584016604572706




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