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       In my 42 years of investigations, I found that paranormal activity often would be reported during and after a close sighting. This activity includes such things as dishes flying, doors opening and closing, and things missing and then returned.
       A case in Iowa in 1970 involved three witnesses, a mother and her two adult sons (22 and 27), who observed a strange device outside their rural house. On this day, just after noon, Bill was inside the house and walked past a second-story window facing east. He saw a metallic device with two normal-looking men inside it. The weather was very cold that day, there was light snow, and the ground was covered with a couple of inches of snow and ice. Bill called to his mother and brother.
       When his brother, Thomas, and mother, Carrie, came into the room, their reactions went from amazement to fear. For an estimated 20 minutes, the "machine" hovered next to the window and the two guys inside stared directly at their three observers.
       Then the device slowly moved to a point some 40 feet away, made a speedy vertical ascent, and was gone. The three observers heard no sound at any time. They went outside to check the house for damage. Just below the bedroom window was an irregular area where the snow and ice had melted and the soil was dehydrated, dry as a bone. Trace evidence like this is relatively common after such an event. What happened next was not so common.
       The young men carefully looked over the area, made measurements, and snapped some photographs. As the three passed through their kitchen, they found several dishes shattered around the room. They thought perhaps this took place during the ascent of the object. But then Thomas pointed out that there were no dishes on the floor when they went outside.                                                     

This reference: The MUFON Journal, number 509, p. 14, dated September 2010. Title: “It’s time to quit ignoring the paranormal aspects connected to many UFO cases” by Ted Phillips.


North America – United States, Iowa
Location unknown

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