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Late 1983 or 1984 (See note at end)     

USS Yellowstone – Case #2

To anyone who remembers this incident, I would sure like
to hear from you for any further details you can add,

and to make this a multiple witness case.-CF

USS Yellowstone AD-41

Thanks to: http://www.navsource.org/archives/09/03/0341.htm


All highlighting done by me-CF-

April 10, 2009


Honorably Discharged Veteran - U.S. Navy

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Carl Feindt

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Dear Mr. Feindt,      

I think I can significantly contribute to your endeavor on underwater UFOs because I witnessed one. I call them USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) now, although at the time I had never yet seen a UFO (but the topic was of mild interest in my high school years, and had never even heard of a USO). Since similarities here may seem unbelievable, so I will provide some background. I seriously stress that this entire letter is absolutely true, except for possible unintentional inaccuracies due to my memory. I was not drinking or on drugs, nor was I mentally ill, nor prone to hallucinations, nor sleep-deprived at the time of this event. I stumbled upon your website while searching the internet about the current US Navy's involvement in the Somali pirates holding the American merchant ship captain hostage. From the news that the USS Bainbridge was on the scene, I searched the internet for her info. Then, impressed with how much improvement wikipedia.com has on her, I searched the internet for one of the ships I served on as a Deck Department Seaman as enlisted rank E-3 of the US Navy; on board the USS Yellowstone AD - 41 (a mothballed version of the newer USS Yellowstone). I found some great new photos of her on wikipedia.com! Speaking of which, I see you are an Air Force veteran, and I offer my sincere gratitude for your service; and a hearty welcome home. So, then I tried to find info on the one NATO Sea Exercise we conducted in co-ordination with the Russian Navy: United Effort / Teamwork 1984, (the closest I ever came to a shooting action war - but during the actual Cold War in 1984). But that's another story. Well, when I searched the internet for "United Effort / Teamwork 1984", your website was one of the results, and wow, I got those rare and seriously spooky goose bumps of confirmation when I read how amazingly similar the details were of the USO I witnessed on the USS Yellowstone (same exact ship but at a different time) as compared to the account at http://www.waterufo.net/item.php?id=1156

The toughest part of elaborating my personal encounter is my memory of, and difficulty narrowing down the date, but I will do my best to. However, I will never forget where I was, what I saw, my report to the ship's bridge, and where we-departed from and were en route to. I can say, without a doubt, that my USO encounter was either in the late



Summer of 1983, or in the late Summer of 1984; nearly precisely due west of and approximately half-way between the Bahamas and the eastern coast of Florida; steaming due north on our way to our home-port of Norfolk, V A. The night was balmy, without a cloud in the sky, with dazzlingly bright stars. Seas were choppy and only about one foot, winds were calm, but with the gentle breeze in my face from the 20 knot ship's speed, it was the kind of exhilarating night sailors dream of. I was contented with thoughts of being an integral part of a crew who had just earned their an award after difficult Battle Efficiency training at Guantanarno Bay, Cuba; and looking forward to liberty in Virginia Beach with its cold beer and bikini-clad ladies. I lean towards the summer of 1983 more than 1984 but I'm unsure because The Love Boat, which Playboy magazine nick-named her due to her highest female percentage (50 %) of any US Navy ship, conducted two Battle Efficiency trainings, during those two consecutive summers, at GITMO.

I was about halfway into my one hour lookout watch station (one of my regular duties as a Seaman of Deck Department), binoculars around my neck, on the unenclosed starboard bridge-wing, which is adjacent to the bridge, separated by a steel bulkhead with a large glass window and one large passageway hatch which was dogged shut at the time. Whoever was standing port lookout watch never was involved in any of this event and strangely, I can't remember anything about him/her. I can not be sure of the exact time but I think it was around 0300 hours (3:00 AM EST) when I first noticed an almost imperceptible glowing spot on the water's surface bearing dead ahead at about 2,000 yards and closing fast. Instantly, I trained my binoculars on the spot and could see no physical shape, but a definite green glowing area - and it was brighter and more sharply outlined than bio luminescence seen on occasion in ship's wakes and shoreline breakers. I had seen bio luminescence many times ever since I was a child. As soon as I realized it was not ordinary, I radioed to the bridge, to the Bos'n Mate Petty Officer on duty, the following (to the best of my memory but probably not exact):

"Bridge - Starboard Lookout - small surface contact with green light, bearing dead-ahead, 2,000 yards and closing! We appear to be on collision-course! "

One would think a report such as that would usually be considered urgent and that the response would be an immediate course change, without further confirmation, to avoid possible collision with another ship (green is the standard color of ships' port running lights). But instead, a strange look was cast my way by the Officer of the Deck (in charge of course and speed orders), after my report was verbally relayed, as if to say "you can't be serious." or "are you crazy?" I only heard a "Roger that." radio reply from the Bos'n Mate. Next, I saw the OOD look through a window towards our bow, and then just casually stand there; saying nothing and not even picking up his/her (can't remember which officer was on duty) binoculars! So, I excitedly, with a more urgent tone, repeated my report via my radio, and this time got no reply at all! By that time the green glowing area was about 1,000 yards and then I was sure we were about to collide with a large object only a few feet below the surface, such as a research submarine. But, again with the strange looks I got and neither orders nor actions in response; left me bewildered, exasperated, frustrated, and feeling disrespected and actually a bit angry.


So, I was not about to enter the bridge and start yelling, because if I did then I would miss getting a close look at the green glow at our nearest approach. We actually did not pass directly over it but nearly so; we sailed by it on my side (starboard) missing the closest edge by merely 20 to 30 feet, giving me a clear unobstructed view from nearly directly above it, about 100 feet from the ocean surface. Next, I certainly did open the bridge hatch and yelled to everyone on the bridge "Hey, get out here! You've got to see this!" By the time the Bos'n Mate and OOD strolled out onto the bridge-wing with me, I had watched the USO fade away due to its distance beyond our stem and our wake and stem turbulence. So, my elaboration in detail about what I had just been the sole witness to (as far as I know nobody else was topside) was summarily dismissed by both of these sailors (who said they did not see it) with one-word comments like "Really?" and "Strange.". Then they just went back to doing basically nothing inside the bridge. Now, I've seen sailors do some stupid things at times but the way my report was almost totally ignored has to take the cake. Either that or ET was using mind control on them. I was told later that my radio reports were heard loud and clear.

On the USS Yellowstone, I had high evaluation marks, took orders without back-talk, worked hard and always did my best at assigned tasks, and most importantly I was not prone to falsehoods or practical jokes; and would never dream of such behavior while standing a watch. Sure, I would joke-around with friends of my own rank (or slightly higher) but no more than most guys would. Even with our sonar and radar it was stressed by my superiors that human eyes on the water have no equal and I took that charge seriously; in fact so seriously that I received compliments from my superiors a couple of times on my skills as lookout.

So, here is my detailed description of what I saw up-close. I remember these details like it happened yesterday. The shade of green was very close to the color posted on the web page of the other USS Yellowstone USO (see above [URL]).      

Copied by me (-CF-) to this letter

The glow was of constant intensity and completely uniform in color - much brighter than green bio-Iuminescence. Imagine a green emergency chemical glow stick activated and held at arm's length on a dark night - that's my best comparison. No rays of light could be seen emitting in any direction away from it. And the glow was the only physical structure I could see; except I can't be sure there even was any physical structure, although the edge of the circular glow was sharply defined. I estimated it to be 40 feet in diameter. And it was perfectly circular, or perhaps spherical, although I thought it seemed flat-topped at the time. It seemed no thicker, from top to bottom, than six or ten feet; although waves made it hard to see thickness. It seemed to be merely three to six feet below the water's surface and the waves above and near it seemed no different than those far away. It had no sound and did not seem to be in motion in any direction, nor rotating, pulsing, or vibrating; and there was definitely no visible wake. Also, there were no others ships nor aircraft visible then from horizon to horizon. I got no telepathic message, had no time loss, nor went on board, nor was abducted by whatever it was or whoever was controlling it.

I talked about this event with three or four shipmate friends the following couple of days but nobody really seemed to be as concerned as I was. I was never given an opportunity to file any official written account, nor was I debriefed in any way.



The whole event, as far as I knew, was simply ignored and/or forgotten about; except by me. I couldn't forget what happened if I tried.

I urge you to note the similarities and differences between the previous USS Yellowstone USO encounter and mine. The similarities are what gave me those "goose bumps of confirmation" I've experienced before. What amazes me is that I might have been on board with that witness during that time, but never heard about until reading your website today. It makes me wonder if he/she heard about my encounter later on. I would like for you to put me in contact with him/her if they give you permission. But before that, I would like to speak with you on the telephone and answer any questions you may have for me.

In closing, I must tell you that I admire your courageous endeavor in this field and hope you turn it into a book, some day. Thank you for providing a place and opportunity for me to finally share this story with someone who cares.

© Copyright – [name deleted-CF-] - All rights reserved. I, [name deleted-CF-], do hereby grant permission to Mr. Carl Feindt only to post this story on his website at waterufo.net and, furthermore, deny permission for this story to be disseminated in any printed publication without my express written permission.

P.S. Please keep my name and contact info strictly private except where noted (above). While speaking with the other Yellowstone sailor you may read or direct them to my story if posted online, and tell him/her only my first name [name deleted-CF-] and my telephone number (above). Feel free to edit out only complete sentences you may deem unnecessary or inappropriate.

P.P.S. If you try to confirm my current name [name deleted-CF-] as a crew member you'll likely find nothing because I conducted a legal name change for other reasons, many years afterward. I have genuine VA documents acknowledging my name change and other genuine documents like my DD-214 and my History of Assignments page from my Service Records which I can provide to you upon request.


Signature Deleted by me – CF-



This reference: Letter to me (Carl Feindt) by the witness, dated April 10, 2009.        

On April 16th, I emailed two questions to the witness and he replied.           

Question 1): How many people do you estimate were in a position to see this thing?

Answer: There were about 4 people who were on the bridge and could have seen it (but none admitted to seeing it).

Question 2): You gave an estimation of its thickness... was this due to the color becoming darker with depth? In short how did this estimation come to you?

Answer: No color or darkness change. It looked that thick to my eyes, estimation    

Note regarding date:

Looking through Google under “United Effort / Teamwork 1984” another ship USS Spiegel Grove (LSD 32) had this notation in the text: “In late 1983, SPIEGEL GROVE made a deployment above the Arctic Circle for United Effort/Teamwork '84; conducting exercises with NATO allies.

Reference: http://www.navysite.de/ships/lsd32.htm

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Ship’s location

Very rough approximation:

Latitude 26.1 N, Longitude 79.5 W (D.%)       


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