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26 October 1952         

SUBJECT: Report of Unusual Aerial Observation         

TO : Civilian Saucer Investigation, Box 1971, Main Post Office Los Angeles, 53, California

       On the evening of October 6, 1952, my wife and I were driving along the Guanajibo Road (which follows the shoreline) of Mayagüez. At exactly 7:20 p.m., I became aware that there was a very bright light, white in color, in the sky out over the ocean just off the shore of the Columbus Landing Housing Settlement. Closer observation showed that the light was moving in the general direction of Cabo Rojo, or more specifically in a southwesterly direction.            

       We then drove out [on?] the road almost to Punta Guanajibo, and by that time the light was over the ocean, apparently near the horizon, at a point somewhere west of Punta Cabo Rojo, or the Cabo Rojo lighthouse.     

       As the light approached the horizon, a very unusual thing occurred. The light hung motionless in the air for several minutes and began to change colors. The change of colors, however, was a gradual blending off (sic-of) from white into a red, into a green, into a blue, and back into a white, etc. A bright reflection was cast across the water, and a wide area around the vicinity of the light was illuminated with a luminous glow.           

       This one fact, the wide, brilliantly illuminated area on the horizon seems to indicate that at that time the object was either very near to or relatively near to the ocean.

       After perhaps five minutes, the object dropped either behind the horizon or into the water, for the object itself disappeared. The brilliant, luminous glow continued, however, constantly changing its colors. The object itself was out of sight, at my point of observation, for about twenty minutes, but the luminous, brilliant glow was visible all of this time.  

       The object again appeared above the horizon as a bright point of red light and began to work its way northwestward along the horizon and quite close to the horizon.        

       It was impossible to estimate the speed of the object, although its speed was not constant, since we could not possibly know how far away the object was. However, the maneuvers it performed do, I am convinced, eliminate the possibility of it having been any conventional aircraft.  

       At times it would move straight upward, hover in the air, move sideward, drop straight down, move horizontally, etc. At one point it moved upward by a series of zigzags, completely reversing its direction on each time. Occasionally it would hover in the air in an indecisive manner, just as a butterfly does while hovering above a flower.       

       This series of erratic, apparently purposeless maneuvers continued with the object constantly working its way northwestward until by 8:00 p.m., the point of light became so dim that it could no longer be seen.          

       This report has not been submitted earlier, since I have attempted to locate other persons who might have been in a better position than I to observe this phenomenon. I went to the lighthouse at Punta Cabo Rojo and discussed this with the lighthouse keeper. He informed me that he had not seen the phenomenon I described, but that at that date and time, he was not in a position to have seen it.  

Very sincerely,


[Name deleted]

This reference: Letter to Civilian Saucer Investigation of Los Angeles, California. With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/  

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Central America – Puerto Rico, Mayagüez/ Cabo Rojo. Body of water - Caribbean Sea

Mayagüez                    Latitude 18-12-04 N, Longitude 67-08-23 W (D-M-S)

Cabo Rojo                    Latitude 18-05-12 N, Longitude 67-08-45 W

Punta Cabo Rojo          Latitude 17-56-16 N, Longitude 67-11-23 W

Punta Guanajibo          Latitude 18-09-55 N, Longitude 67-11-05 W

Columbus Landing Housing Settlement

Columbus Landing       Latitude 18-11-55 N, Longitude 67-09-06 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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